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Healing Exercise 1: Observation
by GoldBear


This is the first exercise of many that will increase your understanding and ability in healing. We begin by learning about how energy works in our own body. By now, you should have a fundamental understanding of energy and how to use it and sense it. If not, start in the basic psychism pages in the community.

First, we must take note of our bodies in several stages. The first is our "body at rest." When you are completely relaxed, shut your eyes and visualize the flow of energy throughout your body. This is your body expending the least amount of energy needed to survive. Deviations from this will show activity.

Next, we must observe ourselves in motion. For example, while taking a walk, or jogging. You can watch the energy flow freely throughout your body, providing the energy necessary for locomotion. Everything should be working efficiently (assuming you are in good health).

The more difficult stage to observe is the body during illness or injury. It is important to observe these changes from the norm in yourself, so that you are able to notice them in others. Remember, when working on a client, one may not have the "healthy" baseline to refer to. Therefore, we must be able to recognize unhealthy patterns of energy.

The time it takes to observe these energy states is continuous - energy is constantly being changed and molded. Also, different ailments produce different energies. With patience and eternal vigilance, you will be a well practiced diagnostician.