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Mental Healing - Depression
by GoldBear

Mental Healing – Volume I: Depression

Depression is a marked decrease in pleasure, interest, and/or mood. Its symptoms are many, among which are depressed mood, difficulty sleeping, decreased activity level, poor appetite, loss of concentration, and at times, thoughts of death or suicide. It is one of the most common mental disorders, and is experienced by the young and the old.

From an energetic perspective, depression is the result of one of or a combination of two things: low energy levels, and an overabundance of negatively charged energy. There are a few ways to approach the healing of this disorder, one of which I have most confidence in. The first step is to alleviate the symptoms of the disorder, either energetically or medically (or both). While I’m sure many of you can’t write prescriptions, let us focus on the energy portion.

First - ground/center, intake, and filter. Reach your Optimum Psi Mindset, and begin to actively scan the energy of the client. Look for blockages, or imbalances in the client’s energy. When you are finished assessing, apply your energy (positively charged) to the client, clearing these blockages, and helping to increase their energy pool. This may take a great deal of time, so be prepared. Also, the energy changes in the client may trigger emotional responses, positive or negative. Be sensitive to these responses and respond accordingly with increases or decreases in the energy you are supplying.

After the client is stabilized, they are then ready to begin to learn new patterns of thinking. Thinking patterns often dictate mental disorders, and finding the “faulty patterns” may be tricky. This requires a bit of counseling skill. I suggest that the client seek professional help (if they are not already receiving it), as you have assisted in the best way you are able.