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Healing Exercise 3 - Healing Others
by GoldBear

Now that you have learned to repair the energetic causes of pain/diseases/illnesses/etc, you can begin to work on foreign energies. The work you have done previously was to prepare you for the responsibility of manipulating energy in the body of another. The difference being, instead of moving energy around inside of your own body, you must gather it, and project it into the body of another. This takes a great deal of energy, as it must bypass all energy filters and shields that the other person has around them.

To keep resistance to a minimum, it is good practice to obtain consent from the recipient. This informs them of the incoming energy, and allows them to accept it more openly (which drops shields). Failure to do this is considered unethical, anyhow. So, make sure you do it.

When the energy is transferred to the other person, you have two options. First, you can retain control of your energy, and guide it to the proper locations for maximum healing. Second, you can let the energy take course through a healing intent. This allows it to seek out any place it is needed, and at times will find problem spots you may not have known existed. Good luck on your continued healing endeavours.