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Fractional Relaxation
by ChezNips

Fractional Relaxation takes a little longer then other techniques but it is one of the best induction methods for beginners. It works as a great conditioning technique for faster methods which can be learned at a later time. The central goal of fractional relaxation is complete relaxation of the body to the point of often losing bodily awareness fully or partially. What occurs during this method is the relaxation of the body and as that happens, the conscious mind drifts in and out of awareness of your surroundings. Sometimes mental images of forgotten events, arise from the subconscious mind.

You should begin this method by laying flat on your back with arms parallel to your body with your fingers outstretched and your palms facing down. Separate your feetso that the thighs are not touching, approximately 8 to 10 inches. Remove any tight and binding clothing and make yourself as comfortable as possible.

If you desire to record this script, make sure to always use second person as you are using your conscious mind to communicate to your subconscious mind. I will quote a script from Charles Tibbets on fractional relaxation that you can read directly into your recorder or even print out to practice on your own. Make sure when you begin, that you start in a soft low voiceand read slowly gradulally getting slower as you progress and drawing out your sentances and pausing between sentances. You want to speak in a monotone voice in a way to suggest drowsiness and relaxation.

"Fix your eyes on a spot on the ceiling and take three long, deep breaths. Inhale, hold the air in your lungs for three seconds, and as you exhale slowly, you will relax all over. Now let's take the first breath. Inhale. (Pause) Exhale. -Sleep Now. (Pause) Now another deep breath, even deeper then before. Inhale. (Pause) Exhale. -Sleep Now. (Pause) Now a third deep breath. Inhale. (Pause) Exhale. -Sleep Now. (Pause) Now as your whole body begins to relax, and as every muscle and nerve begins to feel loose and limp, your eyelids also become heavy and tired. They grow heavier and heavier and will close now. The lids have become so tired and heavy, it would be difficult to open them. But you have no desire to try because you want them to remain closed until I tell you to open them. (Pause)

Now I want you to concentrate all of your attention on your right foot. Relax the toes of your right foot. Imagine they are like loose rubber bands dangling from your foot. (Pause) (Drag out the word "all" and speak very slowly from this point on, pausing between sentances.)

Now let this relaxed feeling go up into the calf of the leg. Let the calf muscles go loose- and limp- and LA-A-A-ZY. (Long Pause) And now, while your muscles and nerves are relaxing, let your mind relax also. Let it drift away, to pleasant scenes in your imagination. Let your mind wander where it will, as you go deeper -deeper- in drowsy relaxation. You are breathing easily like a sleeper breathes. All of your cares and tensions are fading away, as you go deeper - de-e-e-e-per into drowsy slumber. Every breath that you take - every noise that you hear - makes you go deeper, deeper, in pleasant, comfortable relaxation.

Now let the wonderful wave of relaxation move from your right calf up into the large thigh muscles. Let them go loose and limp. The right leg is now completely relaxed and comfortable. (Pause) Now the left foot. The toes relax, the whole foot relaxes just as the right one did - limp and lazy. Let the feeling of pleasant relaxation go up into the left calf. Let the calf muscles go. Your legs are feeling heavy like pieces of wood. As you relax the left thigh muscles, they feel heavier and heavier, and you become more and more drowsy. Now as the wave of relaxation moves upward through your hips and abdomen, you let go more and more. Think of your abdomen as an inflated ball. You are letting the air out of the ball and it spreads out and relaxes completely. Stomache and solar plexus relax. Let them go - as you go further into deep - deep slumber. (Pause).

(Slowly) The fingers in your right hand are now relaxing, and so is your wrist. Now your forearm relaxes. On upto your right shoulder - your whole right arm is relaxed and numb. You probably feel your fingers or your toes tingling. This is a good sign, so continue to go deeper. And now, just go on over, into a deep, deep hypnotic sleep. (Pause)

The fingers on your left hand are completely relaxed. Your hand and forearm are letting go. Up, through your elbow, to your upper arm, relax. Now the left shoulder, let that go, too. Loose, limp, and lazy. Now relax all the large back muscles, from your shoulders all the way down to your waist - let them all go limp and loose. (Remember, plenty of pauses. Continue to speak softly and very slowly.)

Relax the muscles in your neck. Let your jaws separate and let the chin and cheek muscles go loose and rubbery. (Pause) Now let your eyes go. Let them go completely - relax and feel comfortable and good. Relax the eyebrows, too, and the forhead. Let the muscles rest. Back across the scalp - let the entire scalp relax - from the forhead all the way back to the back of the neck - all relaxed - all resting - all loose. You are going deeper and deeper into restful hypnosis. Your mind is experiencing a wonderful feeling of tranquility. Your subconscious is now receptive to the helpful suggestions I am now going to give it."

At this point the suggestion is given to the subconscious mind, followed by the supplimentary suggesstion and then an awakening proceedure. The main suggestion is going to be a particular goal thats been previously thought out. The suplimentary suggestion is a suggestion(s) that should be incorporated with every hypnotic session until they become fixed habits. And lastly, the awakening suggestion.

An example of a supplimentary suggestion is: "I awaken immediately in case of any emergancy, alert and completely normal in every way. I automatically achieve the proper balance between the conscious and subconscious, so that all my suggestions are readily accepted. I go into hypnosis more quickly and easily every time I practice it. I stay completely free of hypnosis while driving a motor vehicle or operating dangerous machinery. I awaken in exactly fifteen minutes (or set your own limit).

An awakening technique is the last in the series of proceedures in the hypnotic session going something like this:" Now its time to return to your normal consciousness. You feel wonderfully rested. I will count to five, and as I do, you feel vitality and energy surging through your body. You are wide awake at the count of five. One. You are waking up now. When you awaken, you feel full of pep and energy. Two. More and more awake! You feel refreshed and perfect from head to foot, normal in every way. Three. You feel as though your eyes had just been bathed in cool spring water. You feel wonderful in every way! Refreshed and full of vigor, but perfectly relaxed and calm. You feel good all over! Five. Eyes open! Wide awake now. Take a deep breath, stretch, and feel good!"

Remember if you are recording the scripts that the voice should be in a slow monotone as discussed earlier. The suggestion or goal of the hypnosis should be given in a crisp business like command and the awakening should get louder, spoken forcefully and with lots of enthusiasm to project the energy and revival of waking up and coming to full consciousness. Ideally, there should be a gradual progression made between the induction and the suggestion so the subject isn't startled out of trance.

The next article will talk about how to structure a suggestion and the rules in doing so.