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Relaxation Countdown Part 3
by ChezNips

For the last 10 days you have hopefully been following the 100-1 backwards count to get to alpha state. Now you can progress to counting backwards from 50-1 with the same technique. You should also be noticing little changes in focus and relaxation. If you dont notice much difference, its possible that you are already familiar with accessing this state in meditation without being aware. If this is you, please don't skip ahead just yet. After the next 10 days of counting back from 50-1, you can then progress to 10 days of 25-1 and 10 days of 10-1 then 10 days of 5-1.

There are many levels of alpha and it takes practice and persistence to get there but it is well worth the time and investment in yourself. Reaching this level is an end to in itself to changing a great many things. The health benefits alone are well worth it to learn to take control of your mind and to give the subconscious orders rather then the subconscious being a freight train out of control and you following along, hanging on for your dear life. Accessing alpha goes far beyond the passive meditation and I will be giving you some other methods to use for quicker access in the near future. You can use these methods for problem solving at its very best no matter what the size. This doesnt sound too exciting at first but the power to use this method coupled with decision making and self improvement is so far reaching and life altering. Once you learn to access the inner conscious levels of alpha with their own sensing abilities different then those of beta, you are learning to operate psychically anytime you want. Learing to tap into alpha is learning to awaken and sharpen the psychic skills you already possess but have been locked out of your reach because of the programming creating obstacles.

The really neat thing about working on the inner conscious states is that you cannot bring your anger, stress and worries into this state. Its literally impossible. If these thoughts do start to creep up, you are immediately popped out of alpha state. As you continue to learn, these feelings will stay away longer and longer and eventually are neutralized all together expecially when you use all the tools together. I am not saying that you wont still get angry or worry from time to time but that you now have a different tool to help you work on problem solving so that these feelings aren't stalking you anymore. This means that you can unblock the anger and frustration and strees and worry from plaguing you and making you unhealthy. You can free up all that energy you spend in more negative ways and free up your bodys built in system for healing itself.

Accessing alpha is quite easy and you did it from the first time you counted backward from 100 to 1. In fact you access alpha more often then you probably realise. The easiest is right before sleep when you are drowsy and right when you start waking up but not completely awake. Its easy to use this time to do work by allowing yourself an extra 15 mins in the morning and waking up slowly, go to the bathroom if you need and then set the alarm for some extra time just in case you fall back asleep and then do the counting backwards routine. With your eyes closed, look up at a 20 degree angle. This automatically starts alpha brain waves but researchers still don't understand why. As long as it works, use it to your advantage. Use the same method every single time only altering the level of advancement from 100 down to 50 then to 25 and so on when the 10 days are up for each level. If you don't use the same method, you make it twice as hard to train, making your subconscious work harder on more then one regime at a time. This also helps you to stick to one method and the mind won't spontaneously pop out of alpha.

You are actually establishing 2 routines here. The first is to progressively go into alpha and the other is a routine for coming out. Both are very important to learn! To come out of state, it is important to use the same script every single time as follows:
"I will slowly come out as I count from one to five, feeling wide awake and better then before. One, Two---prepare to open your eyes ---three- open eyes ---four---five---eyes open, wide awake, feeling better then before."
The reason that you could backwards to induce inner consciousness and count forward to come out might seem obvious to some but not as much to others. Counting backwards has a way of slowing things down, to break conscious barriers but telling a person to relax, there is no anticiaption of an event to happen like there is counting forwards. To count up is like saying, "Ready....Set...GO!". So one method to cound back for relaxation and the next to energize.