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by ChezNips

Probably the easiest way to approach self-hypnosis is with the use of a post hypnotic suggestion from a professional hypnotist. The way this works is that the hypnotist puts you under and while in that state he will suggest to your subconscious mind that every time you do a simple ritual, like counting down from ten to one that you will go into a hypnotic state without his presence. This suggestion then has to be reinforced one or two times daily in self-hypnosis.

While this in not practical for most of us, we can still learn self-hypnosis to the same degree of success with some effort and some time. In doing this, there are a few suggestions that should be used every time you work on a hypnosis session. The first one is a suggestion to bring you out of hypnosis in case of emergancy. The second one is to ensure that you don't go into hypnotic trance while driving or operating dangerous machinery. The Third makes it easier for you to go into hypnosis in the future and the fourth helps you set a time limit to awaken you after the duration you desire. This last awakening suggestion also helps guard against unwanted carry-over of induction suggestions. This is because the state of hypnosis is so enjoying nad relaxing that some people are reluctant to come out of this state immediately. They may emerge slightly sleepy, a sure sign of hypnosis hangover. Using the proper wake up technique helps eliminate the drowsiness and brings a person out of the trance feeling rested, alert and energized.

Another way to learn hypnosis is by the use of pre-recorded tapes. The pitfall you have to watch out for here is that most are recorded by those out to just make a buck and not knowledgable experienced individuals that follow the most basic hypnotic rules. Please make sure before you buy any of these tapes that the company is reputable and the recording is made by a quilified person.

After you learn the basic rules of hypnotism and auto-suggestion, you can easily record your own script tailoring it to your own personal needs. In the next few articles, you will find a variety of methods you can record on your own and add them to any deepening induction and awakening proceedure of your choice.

If you do this, remember to record these "scripts" in second person, or as if you were talking to some other person. For example, insted of saying "I am becoming relaxed", you would say "You are becoming relaxed". This makes more sense when you understand it from the position of your conscious mind talking to your subconscious mind.