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Preliminary Hypnosis
by ChezNips

Prerequsites of Hypnotism

Hopefully by now you have an understanding of the power of your subconscious mind and the role hypnotism can take in reaching and influencing your mind. The only thing left is to learn to hypnotise yourself. There are several "tools" you need to be successful: suggestion, concentration and imagination. You will find it easy to learn self-hypnosis by any established methods if you have a good imagination.

It's important to have the ability to relax and just let things happen. If you try too hard, you end up doing the exact opposite of what you are attempting to do by becoming tense. Relaxation is absolutely paramount in hypnotism. Without relaxation of body and mind, you cannot dip into the realm of hypnotism and will fail. Also if you take a "prove it to me" attitude, the skepticism can impede your progress.

Having an analytical attitude is another thing to avoid as it keeps the conscious mind active and alert. The whole object of hypnosis is to relax the consciousness in order to let the subconscious have more of an active role. This is impossible if you are analyzing the process as you are attempting it. You can analyze the process afterwards but during the exercise, you should remain as passive and neutral as possible. Analyzing also can affirm doubt about the effectiveness and will definitely slow the progress. There are guidelines and rules to follow for hypnosis and if you stay within these boundries and cooperate, relax and let it happen, you are sure to achieve success.