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Relaxation Countdown Part 3 Reaching Level
by ChezNips

Now that you have learned to reach level counting from 5 -1, you are ready to learn to go to level any time of the day, you only need a few spare minutes, about 15 because you will be going from beta to light alpha level with a little extra training for an on the spot session. Find a place to sit in a comfortable chair with feet flat on the floor or lieing on the bed. The key here is to be comfortable and relaxed and at ease. Start with one part of the body to consciously relax and then move to the rest so that each part of the body is mentally walked thru relaxation. Now pick a spot about 45 degrees above eye level on the wall or even ceiling in front of you, this is about the same angle you would be viewing a movie from if you were sitting in the middle of a theatre. Gaze at the spot until you feel your eye lids beginning to get heavy and let them close. You need not stare for hours and force it, give yourself permission to relax and let it flow nice and easy. To start to feel this way should not be taking more then a few minutes at most. Begin the first step of this training counting backwards from 50 -1, the next 10 days will be 25-1, the next 10 days will be 10-1 and lastly 5-1. Since this is a whole new regiment and not utilizing alpha state in the morning, try to practice this new practice 2 or more times a day using approximately 15 minute sessions.

Now that you are at the desired state, where do you go from here? What can you do and how? From the very start, the very first time you are in this state it is imparitive that you utilize visualization skills because they are key. Why? Because words can have more then one meaning and be confusing at best at times, at others they cannot adequately express the the full idea or "picutre". Pictures are worth a thousand words and convey a complete idea without a long explaination and we want easy simple concepts to communicate. The better you learn to visualize, the more powerful your experiences will be.

Creating a tool to use for visualization is your first step. You want to make a mental projection screen as if you are going to the movies and watching your own mental movie in your mind. In this sense you dont want the projection screen to be too close to you, you want to mentally view it a few feet away. This is where you will project what it is that you want to focus and concentrate on for future uses. Start off by testing it out with projecting something you are very familiar with. I have used the example of a lemon in the past , so lets use it again and recreate that lemon on the screen in full detail. Use as many senses as you can to recreate it. Feel it's bumpy waxy texture of the peel, the citrus scent and the full 3-D experience with as many senses as you can. Then imagine yourself cutting it in half. The scent is sharper now and the juice squirts in a spray. Imagine some happens to get in your mouth and you taste the droplets and how your face cringes at the taste. You might even feel your body shiver and pucker. If other thoughts invade you as you do this, gently push them away, do not entertain them or get caught up in the inner dialog, go back to your project and continually focus on what you want to create. If you get angry, frustrated or upset, you spring out of alpha right away so give no energy to these stray thoughts. The more you learn to focus and learn to visualize, the more confidence you will gain and it creates a nice positive cycle.

This technique is called passive meditation and can also be accomplished in other ways. Focusing on your breath, a sound such as OM, drumming, chanting and even dancing and combinations of all the above will bring you to a peaceful meditative mindset. The Silva method uses counting backwards because learning to utilize this state takes some concentration and concentration is what creates success for you with a proven method that works. When you reach your level over and over with success, the whole act begins to become and "anchor point" meaning that you remember you were successful before and the times before that and the mind instantly associates the whole act of going to state with this method as positive and over time will become almost effortless, like learning to ride a bike.

With a anchor point, the mind will go back to that experience with consciously or unconsciously, relive it and then go from there. Once you get into that alpha meditative state, to wait for something to happen is just not enough although it is a great means within itself. You will get many benefits to health and stress reduction just learning to relax and calm yourself but to just wait for something to happen is passive and you are not using these skills to the maximum ability. There is a great deal more potentially possible to achieve.

It is amazing to me how little control of this powerful mind we seem to have at times, the same mind that can create illness and disorders can, when used right, also do amazing things like the memorization of great pieces of work, complete healing, communication with the highself and more. This brain is far to powerful to leave in that uncontroled state to sabotage yourself. Gaining control of it will take you to some incredibly astounding places in your life and the uses are limitless!