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Relaxation Countdown Part 1
by ChezNips

Okay, so after reading a little of a beginner course in what the subconscious does, and how it can work marvelously in your favor as well as against you, lets start in on our training of how to actually relax and go into alpha. Let me repeat that this is only one way of teaching to go to "state". This happens to come via the Jose Silva Mind Control courses and since you most likely cannot take a course in person, there is a slower way to do it at home in the comfort of your own bed or chair.

Relaxation here is the key and to do that you need to eliminate as much input as possible. The mind acts like a radio with over lapping signals coming in so what you get is a lot of junk. By eliminating signals one by one, you start to get a much clearer, more precise signal because all energy is devoted to the 1 band of frequency. Our minds operate on the same principle. With sensory deprivation you are able to eliminate other forms of input and gradually focus on one thing and by not splitting the energy into so many directions, you have 1 strong clear signal. Laying down or sitting still eliminates the kinesthic input, closing our eyes eliminates the visual, and incidently, anytime your eyes are open and -focused-, you jump out of alpha brain wave. Now you can either find a silent dark room or you can get something that makes grey or white noise. My favorite is a fan to disguise the regular household sounds of traffic on the street or possibly the neighbors flushing their toilet upstairs, etc. Once you have those 3 things eliminated, it is important to just simply relax.

To relax it is sometimes necessary to manually walk yourself step by step through the process. This might sound silly or rediculous at first and some might think that this gets them no where in their work on psi, but it absolutely will. There is so much talk about meditation these days and how is seems manditory to do in order to get anywhere with spiritual matters but consider that meditation is a form of stress reduction, a time to quiet the mind and body into one of a focused state. Amazingly, that is the same goal we are doing as well, so if you need a mind set that this is meditation, then it absolutely is! Starting with your right foot, tense the muscles as tight as you can and hold for a few seconds and then release. Feel the muscles relax and the tension wash away. One exercise was to feel like a cement block, that we were so heavy we could not move and that all the tenseness melted into the floor. The heavier your body felt, the more muscular control you voluntarily gave up. Now move up to the right calf, tense and release in the same manner. Do the right thigh and buttocks and then move to the left foot and so on until you have completely done every single muscle group and part of your body.

During the time it took to complete the exercise, you should have noticed that your thoughts have settled and focused on that one single task at hand. Now that you are finnished, your mind could potantially start up again. If this happens, just simply let the thoughts fade and do not dwell on them. The silva method takes a student through a 40 day course of gradually focusing in the alpha brain wave but those that are already used to using alpha on a daily basis may feel as if not much is happening. I noticed that after 20 or so days of following the regiment, that I felt as if I were still in beta (active) brain wave. This was explained that as we get more conscious controll over our relaxed states that we start to access alpha more and more in our active lives and will then start to go deeper and be able to function with more conscious controll in theta. Why use alpha over theta to start out with? Because alpha gives us enough consciousness to be able to impliment the instructions to the subconscious without conscious interference. If one goes too far into an altered state, sleep is usually quick to follow and the hard work is lost.

So for the next 10 days, you will start with the relaxation technique first. Then you will begin by counting down from 100-1 with short intervals inbetween numbers. One thing that helped me was to visually picture a movie screen in my mind and to see the numbers counting down. Those of you that are older may remember movie projectors used in school where the countdown before a movie started was played with something that resembled a doplar radar sweep of the arm. This is very effective for me but use something you are familiar with, be it a clock going backward, a counter rewinding in slow motion or some focus picture in your mind. Silva recomends that this be done 2 times a day, taking about 15-20 minutes. You can also access the same end state just as you are waking up from sleep or as you drift off to sleep.

Okay, so now you have counted back, what next? Now that you are in this magic state, you can impliment a number of things to yourself as auto suggestions. You can tell yourself to heal, you can do problem solving, you can give yourself instructions to replace negative programming, etc. The possibilities are nearly endless what you can do. I would suggest if you are doing psi, that this is the time to do such things as programming shields, implimenting the foundation that you believe and can achieve effortless energy manipulation and so on. Later on I will be showing you how to anchor this state to re-access it instantly for those on-the-fly situations.