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Psi Spheres Building
by ChezNips

Psi Spheres Okay before we start it is assumed that you have done all the basic procedures to starting any psi work. That means Grounding, centering, and filtering as discussed on the Psi Palatium web page. If you need help with any of those procedures, please talk to me before you do the psi sphere exercises. You may not be able to feel or see the psi sphere at first but please continue to try. We all have our off days and sometimes the energy just doesn't want to stick together. Try again on another day or try a different visual that best suits you. The only think that limits you is your own imagination. I like to use music to work with my psi spheres, different music for different things. Try experimenting on your own. Psi Sphere 1 Aim: To get the energy outside of your body. These techniques tie into lesson 1, stuff you have already learned. Method: Hold your hands out in front of you like you are holding a basketball with your fingers spread apart. Try to stay reasonable relaxed for this, you don't need to have a rigid pose. Now using the techniques in lesson 1 draw energy into your hands. Now have the energy from both hands extend out from your body and meet in between your palms. Visualize a small sphere of energy forming there where the energy from both sides meet. As more energy flows between your palms the sphere will start to get bigger. Once it is as big as you want it, keep the energy flowing only make the sphere denser, more concentrated and not bigger. Remember here that thoughts are actions and an intent is just a "program" or instructions for your energy. Once you have your psi sphere where you want it in size and density, form a shell around it as you cut the energy off from it. That will help keep the energy from leaking out of the sphere. Leave the sphere for awhile and just look at it, observe it, play with it. A psi sphere is made out of your psi energy, which means it has bio-magnetic properties that make them "sticky". You can put your psi sphere in your energy field and keep it there for awhile or put it there and add onto it the next day. This is a lot like a magna doodle type thing where you have the magnet attract the metal shavings and drags them where ever you want to collect. See your energy like that. When you are making a psi sphere the energy should stick together as if you used a magnet to attract it to one place or another. Once you are done with your psi sphere, it's time to destroy it. Have the energy flow back into your hands and see the sphere becoming smaller and smaller until it's back inside of you. Psi Sphere 2 Aim: Build on the psi sphere skills. Method: Make a psi sphere. Now that you have one made, there are a number of things you can do to modify it: -Change the color by thinking and giving it the command to change color. Visualize it changing as you do. -Change the temperature. Try changing the sphere to the color blue and feeling it becoming cold. Try it with red and feel it change to hot. -Change the spheres shape. Slowly make it shift from round into another shape such as a cube or a pyramid. Again, don't forget that you can use your fingers as magnets to shape it. Sometimes I also use a playdough visual to accomplish this. Once you can change the shapes, you can work on more complex structures. See is you can recreate an object with psi-energy like a pencil. -Try combinations of all these techniques. Psi Sphere 3 Aim: To have the sphere leave your hands. Method: Create a basic psi sphere. Have the energy slowly float out of your hands and fly in a circle and then come back between your hands. Once you can get it going in a circle, try changing its speed. Have it slow down or speed up at different places. Have it stand still someplace. Now try changing the speed and the shape or color at the same time. Make a psi sphere obstacle course and put it thru the training. Psi Sphere 4 Aim: To create the psi sphere some place other than between your hands. Method: Start a basic psi sphere. When it's about 1/2 way done, have the sphere move away from you as you continue to keep adding energy to it to make it grow. Once you can do this, reabsorb the energy. Keep trying this method of making psi spheres until you can get at least 6 feet away from you.