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by ChezNips

The basic concept in Huna of Ho'oponopono means "to make it right". The idea is that we align ourselves with people who represent different parts of our selves. This idea is similar to Carl Jung's ideas on archtypes. In the Hawaiian culture, it is important to not only respect ancestors but to also have harmonious relationships with them, especially relatives.

This idea can be especially trying if there are patterns in your family that you might wish to discontinue. Ho'oponopono allows you to respectifully mend the patterns while still honoring the family traditions. Families have a way of creating a generational pattern of carrying sadness, anger or any number of other traits. Not only does Ho'oponopono allow you to align yourself with your ancestors and to make it right, but you can clean up the geneaology and the relationship with others in your life. This is extremely important because when you help others, you benefit as well. With Ho'oponopono, you bestow forgiveness on relationships and realise that people have faults and are unique in their own ways but you also bestow forgiveness on yourself clearing the path or blockages to many other things.

How do we begin the Ho'oponopono process? Start by thinking about any relationship you don't feel good about or one that you don't feel in alignment with. In your visualization, construct a small stage below you and imagine an infinite source of healing and love coming from the higherself above the top of your head that flows down into the body. Fill the body completely up and let it overflow out through the heart into the person on the stage below you to heal and connect with them. Please remember that it is ok for you to heal the person and that they not only allow the healing but accept it. When the healing is completed, you need to have a discussion with this person and forgive them and have them forgive you in your visualization. Now you must let go of this person and see them floating away and in this process you need to cut the aka cord that connects you to them and vice versa. If you are healing a current relationship, take this person inside of yourself and blend them with your 4 bodies on all levels.

This process should be carried out with each person in your life with whom you feel an incompleteness. The test of fire is if you can encounter this person or think of them without encountering negative emotions you know you have been successful. If you do encounter negative emotions, then you know you must continue the process again and again until you are successful.