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by ChezNips

Hakalau is the Hawiian technique of entering rapid trance. Students of Huna are encouraged to do this technique as often as possible and in as many places as possible until the state becomes comfortable, familiar and automatic. The more you practice this state, the more you find it impossible to be in a negative state. You can also deepen this state by using it with a sitting meditation.

Hakalau is one of the active meditations of the kahuna and in the altered state, the awareness of the surroundings is heightened. To try this technique, pick a spot on the wall in front of you above eye level. You don't want to be looking so high that your eyes cut off your field of vision but you want to be looking up at an angle so that your field of vision seems to be bumping against your eyebrows.

As you stare at this spot on the wall, let your mind drift and go loose. Focus all of your attention completely on that spot. Within a matter of moments, your vision begins to spread out and you start to see more in the peripheral vision then in the middle of your vision. Pay close attention to the peripheral and do not try to center your vision as this defeats the state. Try to stay in this state as long as possible. Take careful note what you feel and pay special attention to the ecstatic feelings that radiate over and through you as you continue. It has been compared to Pantanjali's description of the yoga sutras of Dharma, Dhyana, and Damadhi leading to the ultimate state of Samyama.