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Exercise 30: Perceiving Energy Clouds
by ChezNips

This exercise helps you develope the ability to perceive energy from a distance. You greatly increase your psychic range when you develope more then one mode of perceptionand it has an added benefit of giving you the ability to check yourself.


Psychically clean the room. Have your bowl of salt handy. Clean yourself and then focus your energy body. Sit across from your partner in the grounded position. Repeat the exercises 6 or more times.

Shaper's Instructions:

Create energy as you have in previous exercises and direct it down your arm and out through your finger into the space between your partner and yourself. Try to make the energy as dense as possible to form a cloud. Adjust the amount of energy as needed to maintain control of the cloud and keep it intact during the experiment. Once your partner has done his part, take the energy back into your body and clean your hands in the bowl of salt.

Perceiver's Instructions:

Without touching the energy, spend a few minutes perceiving it. Use the previous technique of perceiving energy in the form of a symbol whether it be an image, a color or a tone if needed. Open your perceptions and ask yourself, without touching the energy, how does the energy form feel? Is it dark or light? Is it heavy in density or does it feel light and tingly? Does the space between you and your partner feel crouded? When you have sensed the shape of the energy between you and your partner, use your hands to examine the shape and check your perceptions. As your partner takes the energy back into his or her body, make sure to keep your awareness open and see if you can see or feel the cloud diminish. Can you sense that the energy has decreased between your partner and yourself? Is the air calmer or quieter? Use your hand to physically feel the space to check for perceptions after you have spent adequate time psychically perceiving. Clean your hands in the bowl of salt.


This variation uses kinaesthetic perception only. Both partners should form separate clouds of energy at the same time. You might want to make these smaller and more dense then the main technique and then push the clouds together. Note how the pressure changes and in what ways the space and energy feels different when your partner's cloud touches yours.


Change roles and repeat the exercise. Record all observations in your journal.