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Exercise 29: Testing Perception of Sculpted Energy
by ChezNips

This exercise gives you the opportunity to test and verify your perceptions and shaping energy into physically perceptible forms. Don't get discouraged if you don't perceive the shapes correctly the first go around. Just remember to relax, clear your mind and allow for the possibilities to come.


To Prepare, first clean the room and then clean yourself. Have the bowl of salt ready and close by. The person taking on the perceiver's role should leave the room and wait until they are called on. When your partner enters the room, they should sit across from you in a grounded position. These exercises should be repeated 6 or more times.

Shaper's Instructions:

Start by making a simple shape such as a cube or a sphere. Call your partner into the room and let him or her take several minutes to perceive the sculpted energy. When he can easily distinguish between the cube or sphere, you should then add another shape into the range of choices such as a cylinder and then a pyramid and so on.

Perceiver's Instructions:

Carefully touch the energy form being careful not to alter its shape. Spend as long as you need to feeling and perceiving the shape with your hands and tell your partner what shape you feel. Remember to place the shape into the bowl of salt when you are finnished.


Change places and repeat the exercise. You should practice this exercise until you have sharpened your skills of perception and sculpting energy. Record all your observations in your journal.