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Exercise 25: Energy Rapport- Figure 8 Technique
by ChezNips

In the last few exercises, you learned to tune to another person in a controlled, clean environment done with a partner that knew you and your energy. Energy can also be harmonized in an unfamiliar and unclean environment with an unknown participant to a certain extent. When working in the field, it is often impossible to choose which environment or participants or even have a chance to make preparations. You have to learn to wing it for the most part. These circumstances make field work challenging to say the least but it is a true test as to whether someone can make psi work their life. While cleaning and focusing the energy body greatly enhanse your psychic capacity, there will be instances where you can eliminate them if necessary and simply use the grounded position when and where you can. Thats why making it a habit to clean and focus each morning and night are greatly appreciated because it helps in the cases where you cannot take the time to do it in the heat of the moment. The energy body is under a greater degree of stress having eliminated the preparation before you take on a psychic task, it makes the grounded position all that more important. Using the grounded position reduces the stress on your energy system and will help until you get a chance later to preform the other cleaning and focusing techniques in a pinch.


Clean, focus your energy body and stand in a grounded position. Repeat this exercise six times or more.


Start off by visualizing an energy trail starting below your partner's feet going up his back, down in front of his body at an angle to beneath your feet, and up your back, over your head and down the front to close the circuit of energy into a large figure eight pattern encompassing yourself and your partner each in a "loop". Once you get the energy going it will take just a little effort to keep the energy in movement. This causes a general harmonizing effect akin to tuning because the energy that is being given off from your partner's body is now mingeling with yours and you should notice a marked improvement in your communication.

On ocassion, a person may become lightheaded or sleepy. This means you are using too much force and energy. Just mentally adjust the strength of the energy movement by simply thinking of being gentler or lighter. You can also symbolically think of a lever to adjust the flow. There also may be ocassions when a person will unconsciously resist the harmonizing of energies and especially in cases where you have not gained prior permission. If this should happen, its wizest to not force the rapport and to disengage. For your own protection, it is wize to not use a rapport with a person that is excessively dirty, sick or depressed. If you do happen to make a rapport with a person like this, what will happen is that he will feel much better, however you will probably feel worse. To fix this, you will need to clean, take energy from nature and attune it to yourself.

An advanced variation of this technique would be to use emotion-laden energy in the figure eight rapport formation pattern. See in what way you can influence your partner's mood as you transmit a variety of emotions. Try calmness, comradery, or excitement. You may discover that you can sooth an angry partner, calm a nervous one or even stimulate a bored one.


Be sure to journal all observations and repeat with different partners if available.