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Exercise 23: Psychically Tuning To Someone Else
by ChezNips

In previous exercises you learned to distinguish between different colors and tones transmitted by energy. In the last exercise you learned to tune the energy into your own unique vibrational rate. In this exercise you will learn to take your own energy and learn to change it to the vibrational rate of another person.


Have the bowl of salt ready. Clean and focus the energy body. Sit in the grounded position across from your partner. This exercise should be done 6 or more times.

Sender's Instructions:

It is vital to first get a sense of your partner's energy before you begin. To do this, take your hand and hold is near your partner's body until you can sense his energy body and feel his vibration. If it suits you more, use exercise 2 and take some of your partner's energy. The next step is to just spend some time feeling the different vibrations and variations that comprise his energy tone. It usually helps to have a quiet relaxed atmosphere and to not feel in any hurry. Closing your eyes may also help eliminate outside distractions. Try cleaning your hands and checking the energy vibrations more then once. You can also adapt the last exercise to this function and assign a symbolic image to your partner.

When you have clearly perceived your partner's energy, generate a small amount of energy between the palm of your hands and tune that energy to the same vibrational frequency as your partner and send that energy to your partner.

Perceiver's Instructions:

Take the energy from your partner and pay close attention to what it feels like. If the sender has succeeded in tuning the energy to your vibrational rate, the energy will be very subtle and pleasant. It will feel like your own energy in motion. When you feel the energy is attuned to you, then absorb the energy into your hand. If the energy feels harsh or uncomfortable with symptoms as stiffness in the joints or subtle pain, the sender needs more practice at tuning the energy. Ocassionally a student will absorb too much foreign energy that is not in tune with their own vibration that they will feel achy, irritable or restless with slight anxiety. In that case, take some times to do a cleaning and tune into yourself or exchanging energy with nature as in exercise 8.


Change roles and repeat and don't hesitate to take your time, slow down and be thorough in this process. Record your successes and failures and all observations in your journal.