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Exercise 21: Perceiving Color
by ChezNips

This is another exercise designed to develpe keen energy perception. Insted of working with musical notes, we are changing the method to using colors to be carried by energy.

Have bowl of salt handy. Clean and focus the energy body. Sit opposite of partner in the grounded position.

Sender's Instructions:

Pick clear, sharp contrasting colors to send such as red and blue, green and orange, purple and yellow. Colors too close to each other in the color spectrum will make it confusing to establish the specific vibration of the colors transmitted when first starting out. For example blue and green which are both "cool" colors or red and orange which are both "warm" colors. Visualizing a color, direct the energy to your partner. When the perceiver has a sense of the energy vibration, identify the color. Clean your hands after each session. Try this exercise 6 or more times.

Receiver's Instructions:

Sit in a relaxed and open position and focus on the energy sent to distinguish between colors. It may help to close your eyes. When you feel that you have a strong sense of the color tell your partner. He will identify the color sent to help establish a base line. Clean your hands after each session.


After doing the exercise to establish a base line, work on perceiving individual and specific colors. As always record observations in your journal.