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Exercise 18: Direct Energy Perception
by ChezNips

This exercise is very similar to the last with one exception. Insted of using a piece of jewelry, you will be directly perceiving the energy without it being attached to an object.


You need to have the rock salt ready. Use the waterfall and scraping exercises to clean yourself. Focus the energy-body and then sit in the grounded position opposite of your partner.

This is a really fun experiment using jewelry that has been worn over a long period of time and has accumulated a lot of psychic debris and finding out how it directly effects us. Jewelry that has a quantity of energy on it causes muscular weakness and is easily demonstraited using a standard muscle test. The test works by isolating one muscle and then tests its relative strength with the presence and removal of the psychically dirty jewelry. The whole objective is to physically show you the weakening effect that the dirty piece of jewelry has on your physical body.


Procure a few different old pieces of jewelry either from antique stores, auctions, garage sales or older relatives. Have the bowl of rock salt ready and clean yourself of psychic debris before beginning. You will also need another person to help you do this test.

Test Subject Instructions:

Stand relaxed with one arm directly out in front of your body shoulder high at a 90 degree angle. Keep your arm straight and level with the fingers of the hand extended. Do not move the arm. If the arm is too far to one side or the fist is clenched, different muscles are working and the muscle is not isolated and the test will not be accurate. You will be tested 2 times, one time without holding the jewelry and one time while holding it. The comparitive strength or weakness in your arm shows whether or not the energy is bad for you and therefore effects your physical body. It is important to remember that this is not a test of strength. You want to resist the push down of the tester but again, it is not a test of strength and you aren't out to prove how in shape you are.

Tester Instructions:

Standing to the side of the test subject you are going to hold your arm out, laying the palm side of your hand down mid-arm level on the subject and push the arm down gently but firmly using gradual pressure and gradual release. You do not want a jerking motion of applied force. This is to calibrate the physical strength before the subject holds the dirty jewelry. When you know what the relative strength of the arm is, you can then hand the subject the dirty piece of jewelry to wear on the arm that is being tested and repeat the test. Pushing down again with gradual pressure and gradula release as the subject gives you resistance. If the energy on the jewelry is not good for the subject the arm will test weak and the subject will not be able to resist your downward push as much as he did when you did the test the first time. If there is no difference, the object has no ill effects and he will test strong. You must be careful not to let your opinion of whether the subject will test strong or weak influence the amount of pressure you will be asserting against the subject. Try several pieces of jewelry to see the varied results you will get from the test.


Repeat the exercise using jewelry that is psychically clean. Muscle test to make sure the jewelry is completely clean and then generate emotion-laden energy onto the object and then retest to see its effects. Select an emotion you can recreate with ease. This can be done by recalling a highly emotional memory and gathering that energy in the center of your body, then direct it to the arm and out onto the object you are holding. Be sure to give no clues to the person you are testing with as to what emotion you are infusing onto the object. Now have your partner put the piece of jewelry on and then muscle test as before. Try playing with this exercise using as many emotions as you can, remembering to cleanse the last one before infusing a new one. You might find that you don't get the results you might logically expect to get. One of the most seemingly confusing results you might get is that it shows that in using psychic energy, as in doing anything, that good intentions alone are not enough. Jewelry that has too much energy on it, regardless of emotion, may be weakening itself. Some apparently positive emotions may cause your partner to weaken and some apparently negative emotions ones will have no effect. You can even try the test with jewelry that has a great deal of energy on it but no emotion at all.

This test works amazingly well with other objects as well. Some good examples to try for responses are tobacco products, alcohol, medications/vitamins, fatty high calorie foods vs. fresh produce, even interesting results can be ascertained for certain books and materials.


Change roles and rSender's Instructions: Select a good strong emotion and recreate it in yourself. Direct the emotion-laden energy down your dominant arm and with your pointer finger, direct a small beam into your partner's hand making sure to give no hint as to the emotion you selected. Clean your hands between sendings and try alternating hands.

Perceiver's Instructions:

Prepare by holding your hand out ready to receive your partner's energy. Relax and focus on your perception. Can you distinguish between negative and positive emotions? Work on making a mental list of what each emotion feels like to you. Remember to clean your hands between each session. Try this exercise 6 times or more changing places with your partner.


Record your observations in your journal making sure that you note what each emotion felt like as clearly as possible for future references.