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Exercise 16: Focusing Your Energy Body
by ChezNips

You have seen that psychic energy can carry different vibrations and different emotions. The next series of exercises focus on psychic communication where you will be learning to transmit that information consciously by using energy that you send to others. These techniques are particularly useful when situations are present that you wish to make your presence known without saying a word. Subsequencly, you will also be learning to percieve and interpret the energy send to you as well.

Psychic communication is important, however many people misunderstand what psychic communication and perception are. Often people have expectations that a psychic will read their minds and instantly relate their thoughts. For most psychics, this is not the case because the majority of people's thoughts are guided by and mingled with emotions which are, in general, stronger and last longer then their thoughts. Seldom will a person's mental focus be strong enough or of long enough duration for the reading of thoughts to be practical. A reading such as this requires a very strong and highly focused sender. It it therefore easier and more practical for most to read emotions or feelings rather then people's thoughts. This is not to imply that it cannot be done, it is just easier to perceive someones moods or fears and pleasures rather then their ideas on foreign policy or the business ecomomy.

Practising the next several exercises will increase your responsiveness to other people's emotions and largely centers around the skill called empathy. As you work on control of your energy and perception, you will experience other people's emotions in a very immediate and direct way as well as making your sensitivity that of an assett rather then a liability or a burden.

Remember that psychic skills are preformed in the non-linear creative brain rather then in the logical brain and are in direct relation to the subconscious mind. This can be demonstraited by the body providing a sensory translation of psychic information. Because the subconscious controls bodily functions, we can see that the subconscious is attempting to show the conscious self the psychic information carried with the energy. It may be necessary to experiment to discover your own individual mode of psychic perception. For example, if you are a highly visual person, you may see things in color or creative symbols. A person that is highly auditory will hear different sounds or frequencies and relate different emotions to perhaps different tones. A highly kinaesthic person will relate to feelings such as joy being expressed as a uplifting light or excitable energy and those emotions of sadness as a heavy depressive weight.

To start out this intermediate series, it is necessary to learn to work on focusing your energy-body so that both psychic perception as well as psychic strength will come much more easier to you. To be the most effective, the energy-body should be as focused and concentrated as possible. Being open psychologically does not mean that your energy body is also open or loose, that is a misunderstanding too many make. This exercise works in keeping your energy-body well toned and works on giving you control and will be referred in later exercises as going focusing the energy body.


Make sure you have generated or intaken energy as necessary and that you have gone through the steps of psychic cleaning before hand.


We will be using the visualization of a flower in full bloom. See it in your mind as the petals splayed out. This represents you. What we want to communicate to the subconscious is that the petals of the flower should gently return to the center to make a bud one by one. This is the highly concentrated protective mode of the flower.


Take some time to journal your observations in your journal about what you felt.