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Exercise 14: Cleaning Objects
by ChezNips

Just as psychic debris builds up on bodies and in rooms, it also accumulates on objects, particularly metal objects such as jewelry. Some believe it is because the gold and silver are very good at conducting as well as storing electricity/energy. Because we are all influenced by energy, the jewelry that we wear, cluttered with psychic debris, also can have an effect of us physically, emotionally and psychically. Different symptoms range from feeling tired, anxious, drained, nervous, uncomfortable and often just plain negative and uncomfortable. Cleaning jewelry and any other objects you are often in contact with can therefore, become necessary and an important psychic skill that contributes to your health and comfort as well as a stepping stone to learning psychometry.


Have your bowl of salt handy. Thoroughly clean yourself with the waterfall and the scraping exercises. Start by sitting in a grounded position.


Select a piece of jewelry that you would like to experiment with. Keys also work well. They do not have to belong to you but take a moment to hold them in your hands to feel the energy. Closing your eyes for better concentration may help and gently notice any pictures that come to mind. These images are your response to the energy and often your subconscious mind will work to send up pictures that remind you of something else, either emotions or objects or even other events. Be open to receiving them and take some time to write a few notes about what you saw or felt. Even if it seems silly at the time, write it down. Make sure to stay relaxed and to trust yourself completely. Ask yourself if the jewelry feels hot or cold? Heavy? Rough? Tingly? Prickly? After you are through noting your perceptions, draw the energy from the object into one focal point much like the old doodle game with metal filings and a magnetic draw stick. You objective is to gather it into one place and remove it all at once. After holding the object and getting a sense of the energy and notating the perceptions you receive, hold the object over loosely in one hand over the bowl of salt. Using the other hand, direct a beam of energy from your finger to push the static energy off the object. You can then use the scraping technique in a smaller fashion to remove excess energy and toss it into the bowl of salt. If the object feels layered with static energy it may be necessary to do this exercise repeatedly. A object is completely clean when all energy has been removed from it.

Now its a good idea to set the object down and to cleanse your hands in the bowl of salt or using any of the cleansing techniques. Pick up the object again and hold it lightly. Try to be open to its weight and temperature and any other changes you might perceive. Is it lighter? Cooler? Calmer? Smoother? Write down any changes you notices in the object after the cleaning.

You may or may not have felt confident of your perceptions in this exercise but that is normal. Any new skill you learn will take many times of trying it over and over to start to trust your perceptions and ultimately, yourself. This is built by doing the exercise over and over and just gaining needed experience. We commonly test our physical perceptions with what we physicall see insted of what you intuitively feel and it can be a difficult challenge for some to stop relying on those physical senses or needed to validate our findings with those of other people. If you hear a noise, it is easy to get up and check to see where the source is and what caused it. It is necessary for you to do this psychically in order to calibrate your own perceptions to yourself so that in time you develope your own psychic intuitive language with your subconscious. It is also helpful to share results with others but do not think that if their results are different that you are wrong and they are right or vice versa. Anything your subconscious offers to you as a perception is valid, however sometimes we might feel the strongest vibration and miss subtler ones or pick up on vibrations that often clash with our energy first as feeling negative and producing a larger effect on us.


Try several different objects and recording what you feel from them before cleaning them and get a friend to experiment with you as well to compare notes with. Record all observations in your journal.