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Exercise 13: Cleaning A Room
by ChezNips

Just as psychic debris clings to human bodies, it also clings to objects and acculumates in rooms. The energy that you generate carries thoughts and emotions as you go through the course of your day and will gather in the environment around you. Rooms where many people gather in especially collect many different vibrations and accumulates a great deal faster then rooms where just a single occupant lives or works. At any rate, it is important to keep your environment clean and sound for mental clairity.


Open all available doors and windows. Stand in the center of the room in a grounded position.


You will be focusing your energy to remove psychic debris. This will require the visualization of a great wind blowing the debris and old stagnant energy out the doors and windows. To complete the visualization, you will need to *feel* the wind billowing past you and visualizing the debris leaving, even hearing the wind and smelling clean fresh air help a great deal. Remember that the visualization is the method by which you give directions for your energy to carry out its task. You want to make sure that the room is cleaned floor to ceiling, every square inch of space and all that is within the room including rugs, curtains, furniture, pictures on the wall, even lighting fixtures need to be swept clean and places you cannot see like under a bed, inside cupboards, etc. Keep repeating until you mentally see, feel, hear, smell, even taste all psychic debris being cleared out and a freash clean energy being left behind.


Just as you used the method of scraping the heavy crust of psychic debris off your body, you can also use scraping to remove energy off of heavily used pieces of furniture and high traffic areas. These areas have the most stagnant energy. Start out in a grounded position and move throughout the room scraping energy to collect into a heaping pile and pushing it out the door.


Record observations such as does the room feel cleaner? brighter? fresher? more energized?