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Exercise 9: Increasing Partner's Energy
by ChezNips

You now know how to increase your own energy and how to transfer that energy to other parts of your own body. You can now combine these skills to learn how to help others.


Completely read the exercise and understand it. Wear natural non-binding clothing and remove all jewelry. Sit or stand in the grounded position.


Using your full energy body, construct a globe in the center of your body where the energy is the most concentrated. As you deeply breathe slowly and evenly, focus on the globe and generate enough energy so that you can give but will not deplete yourself when you are helping others.

Direct the energy from the center of your body to your arms and out through both palms. With palms held out in front of you and a few inches away from your partner, gently send him/her energy over the entire body starting with the feet first.


You may wish to use the traditional way of using your dominant hand to send energy and the other hand to receive energy. Practice to see which way works best for you.


It has happened on ocassion that a person will feel more tired after receiving energy. If this happens to you, there are 2 possible causes. Either your energy is not compatible with the senders energy or you could have too much energy in your body when you receive from another person and the energy is not moving or circulating as it should. Too much energy can feel as if the energy flow is stifled. If this is the case, sending out the excess energy through the feet into the ground or standing barefoot on the grass greatly helps. It also helps to direct the excess buildup out if a visualization of actively seeing the energy moving out from your feet into the ground is added. If the case is that the energy is not compatable, then the receiver should exchange with a different person or with nature. This usually cleans the discordant energy out of the body.


Did you notice any changes in your friend that received the energy? Was there a change in posture or body language? Did his/her eyes get brighter or any other noticable changes of skin tone or voice? Journal all observations.