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Exercise 8: Exchanging Energy
by ChezNips

Energy coming from trees and plants is considered healthy and wholesome and beneficial to humans. Drawing energy from a tree is not harmful to the tree and is in fact a part of the natural cycle just as oxygen and carbon dioxide exchange. In this way, the tree nourishes you as your nourish the tree.


Read complete exercise and understand it. Wear natural non-binding clothing and remove all jewlery. Find a large healthy tree. Pine trees seem to give off more psychic energy but all living things have a energy field. Stand in the grounding position in bare feet if at all possible.


Stand with your back to the tree touching it with your palms. Remember to be in the grounded standing position, i.e. knees slightly flexed and your body relaxed and receptive. As in exercise 2, gently draw in the energy of the tree through your hands, arns, and back in a gentle and even pulls. Let your own energy flow down your body from your feet into the ground to exchange with the tree's roots. Visualize a circulation cycle of releasing old energy and absorbing new.

When you feel pleasantly charged, allow any excess energy to flow down and out your feet. This exercise should have a very soothing, calming effect.


Record all observations in your journal.