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Exercise 6: Moving Energy Through the Body
by ChezNips

This exercise is designed to instruct you how to move energy through out the body and to help remove energy blockages in developing a health full energy body.


Read the entire exercise and understand it. Wear natural non-binding clothing and remove all jewelry. Take a grounded posture.


Before beginning, generate or intake energy. Using your whole energy body, make the energy gather in your right arm. Holding your arm straight out in fromt of you with your thumb folded under, very gently and evenly push the energy out of your four fingers as if you are aiming at a target straight in front of you. Do this for about 5 seconds. Take the energy back into your fingers and move it up your hand up the forearm to the shoulder and to the center of your body. Repeat this part three times. Now switch arms and let the energy at the center of your body to the left shoulder, forearm, hand and out the fingers. Take the energy back in as you did with the right hand, repeating the exercise 3 times.

Now you are going to make the energy from the center of your body move to your right leg, knee, feet and out the 5 toes. Bring the energy back just as you did with the hands and move the energy back to the center of your body. Do this 3 times and change to the left foot. Record all observations in your journal.


Use the exercise above except using just one finger of each hand or each individual toe separately. You may find that some fingers or toes are easier to transmit energy through then others. It also narrows the field of where the energy blockage is located and can be worked on individually. COntinue to work on each finger and toe until the energy is easily and effortlessly flowing through each.


There are some parts of your body that it is more difficult to transmit energy through then others. This probably indicates en energy block or an area of congested energy. Using a gentle pressure, keep pushing the energy through the blocked area. This acts to loosen the block or bottle necked area and the energy will flow breaking the blockage open much like a sand bar in a river is shifted when the water keeps flowing around and over it.