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Programming Constructs/Thoughtforms
by ChezNips

OK, so its time to progress beyond simple psiballs and learn to program thoughtforms, also known as constructs. They can be very simple or as complex as you can design. There are a few things to consider when making a construct. First is the amount of energy that goes into the thoughtform, the amount of energy needed (under normal cirtcumstances) to complete the assigned goal and thirdly the nature of the target, is the target guarded or open, is the target remote or does the construct work in conjunction with a field around yourself/property and probably many other aspects not yet thought of.

There are many tools you need to learn and put together, the most valuable, in my opinion, is learning to focus on clarity of thought. A well focused though is more valuable even with little energy, as a highly energized thought form thats got a hodge-podge of muddled thought. Learning visualization is going to be one of your best used skills along with learning to meditate to an altered state. Spending some time learning to create simple objects and shapes with sharp clairity and practice is going to be time well spent and a good part of a rigorous "psion" training program. Not only do we need to learn to "will" energy through our bodies but also outside of our bodies with confidence.

Some are going to dispute the need for visualization and I won't go into arguements for or against it here. This is just a starting place and I urge you to learn and then expand to learn other ways. Find what appeals best to you. Why visualize in the first place? Because the idea is that we are trying to get our subconscious selves, the part of use that produces, transforms, and transports energy to do what we want it to do. To do this, we send it pictures. There is a lot that can be communicated by a picture where words might take a long time, lack in precision and meaning and convey the full thought exactly as we want it. There is the old saying that a picture is worth a thousand words. If you start to picture what you want as a goal, picture it as happening then in present tense. Part of the problem with this is that its very difficult to hold an image for an extended amount of time. There are a few things you can do to remedy this problem. One is to make the image move like a mini-movie. Another is to pulse the picture. You could also borrow ideas from magickal practices and create mantras to use with a knotted cord, repeating the mantra or picture/visualization with each know, then resting the mind for a short period and then repeating the mantra or thought pictures again and again.

For the immediate purposes of the article, we will assume you can already do the skills with a proficient manner. You should begin by finding a place to meditate. As you meditate, you are going to gather energy either from yourself or from an outside source and as you gather the energy, you start shaping your construct.

There are 3 main characteristics to all thought forms. Those are basically form, function and identity. This includes thinking about whether the construct is a long term or a short term project. Short term constructs work differently then long term constructs. A short term construct will cease as soon as the energy runs out and long term constructs need to be refueled as a level of maintance. There are many purposes for both and neither is better then the otheras both have their pros and cons and it all depends on the individual project. This means, does the thought form stay in place doing its job or is it going to be a burst of thought/intent/energy bomb. Remember the clearer the thought, the more effective the construct will be. It might be a good idea to do a writing exercise to fill in as much of the thought process to answer questions such as who or what the thought form is intended for (the target),what the construct's intent is, when it should effect and for how long, where the construct is to be located and how it is to carry out its programming. Some thought forms will be so simple that few characteristics will be needed.

I suggest that you start out simple and work your way up also remembering to add a self-destruct instruction should anything go wrong to make recall and dissapation easy. Another option for this is to create a construct to absorb or eat the origional construct.

There are several ways to energize a thought form. One technique is to draw energy, visualize the goal and infuse the thought with energy, making it compact and filled. One of the Huna techniques I learned was deep breathing to draw energy and make a ball of energy external to the body in the abdomen region, then creating a picture screen in your mind visualizing what it is that is desired, Move the ball of energy up to the area of the 3rd eye and to infuse the thought and energy as one. With a sharp exhalation, you would propell the construct to its desired target. There are other ways that work just as well, find one that appeals to you and make it yours.

Once the construct has been sufficiently energized, it will need to be maintained regularly depending on the program. To do this you can recall it easily by naming it when constructing it and then recalling the name and function and filling it with energy similar to a phone line, calling up the energy pattern or construct and sending it energy in whatever form you choose. I find it easier for novices to use another visualization (practice makes perfect!) of refueling it via a gas/energy pump like adding gasoline to a car to make it go. I'm sure those of you who are creative can imagine a myriad of different ways to accomplish the same thing, remember its just a way of communicating an idea to the subconscious mind of what to do with the energy. By using a gas pump, we know its purpose is to disperse fuel in a measured amount. If necessary, we can also create a gage as a sub-program of the construct to measure when its full or needs more energy and can give warning when the construct runs low on energy.

As an example of a construct, lets start with one of the most used skills psions have in their tool kit, the shield. I, however, want to emphasize that constructs can be used for any and everything you can think of from defense, healing, sending information, manifesting intents, to self-improvement such as increasing your awareness. Stop and think about why you need shielding, what it is you want to keep out or in. Draw in energy and start to think of how you want the shield to function, what it is you want the shielding to do from making you "invisible" psychically or being chameleon-like properties of blending in to where people are less likely to see you standing out in a crowd. You might also want the shielding to be stationary or to be activated when you would like. Many people, especially empaths feel too clausterphobic to use stationary shielding and prefer to use it only when overload becomes eminent.

Ok, conjure an image that appeals to you. Perhaps a suit of armour represents something that embodies your idea of being shielded, or one of my favorite visualizations is the auto-shield on the batman car. There are too many for me to mention and again, I encourage you to use something symbolically appealing to you. As you visualize, see/feel the energy infusing with your thoughtform. This might take form as you are seeing the image in your minds eye and it starts to shimmer or have a colored aura. You might also do this with a feeling of coolness, heat or strength. As you do this, verbally repeat over and over what it is you want. In the case of the shielding I might add the line of "stop all errant connections from contact" or "stop agressive psychic connections ment to harm me". In all cases you should look at what you say and try to define things clearly. What would an errant connection be to you? What would an agressive attack constitute? You might find that these terms will redefine themselves over time and that the programming will change over time. In an empath's case, they may wish to put a barrier up to stop other's emotional energy from mixing with their own or to stop the incoming projections.

Start with something simple and work by adding progressively complicated instructions to fine tune the desired goal. Practice makes perfect and sometimes that means giving it a certain amount of time to work out rather then tearing it down immediately or simply tweaking small characteristics to fit your needs better. As I stated earlier, this is ment for beginners to understand how to program but its also ment for psions to take the information and to then think outside the box, to create their own techniques and ideas.