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by ChezNips

What are Chakras? The Chakras are a system of energy vortexes in the body that correspond to the glands and bundles of nerves. There are a few different systems if you research on the net or in books. Some have only 7 energy vortex and some have 9. I was taught the Tibetan system of 9 vortex but it's a personal choice to decide what feels comfortable to you. 9 vortex aren't better than 7 and 7 aren't better than 9. The Chakras have been a part of the eastern cultures for centuries and centuries but it hasn't been until the last few decades that it's been introduced into the US as a new age thing. Next you are gonna want to know what the Chakras do. Being a system, when you are out of balance in one aspect of the body, it throws all the other systems out as well...like an unbalanced tire. The Chakras work together as a whole to keep you healthy and mentally balanced. If, for example, you are having problems speaking for yourself and you hold it in, you may develop a sore throat as a result of blocking that energy. Okay, now that you know the Chakras is a system of 7, 8 or 9 vortex, let me expand on that by saying that each Chakra has it's own color, it's own frequency, it's own fragrance, geometric shape, symbol, mantra, etc. I keep it very simple, preferring to use sound and color when I meditate. Each can be as detailed or as simple as you wish to tailor it to yourself. You can start from the top of the head or from the base of the spine, again there is no right or wrong way to do it. Each Chakra also rotates at a different speed. They all rotate counter clock-wise with 2 exceptions that I will explain as we go along.

It's easier for me to go through my method of meditation and explain as I go along. I lay on a bed or a reclined chair with my eyes closed. I relax each muscle group in my body one at a time. This doesn't need to take a lot of time. I also breathe in deeply and slowly, trying to hold the breath in for a few seconds and then breathe out slowly. Breathing is a very important part of any meditation. A good count is inhale for a count of 5, hold for a count of 2, exhale on a count of 5 and hold for a count of 2 and repeat this over and over.

The difference between our physical bodies and our spirit bodies is in that the physical body requires breath. to sustain it. With every breath we take in energy, pushing it down to the solar plexus and exhaling all the junk by imagining it going through a sewer pipe to a cesspool. We normally breathe shallowly. At least most of us do. The breathing we need to do is called diaphramic breathing. That means expanding the stomach when we breathe and the lungs fills to full capacity. If you pay attn to the way you breathe now, it's probably really fast compared to what you need to be doing. a better way to breathe in through the nose and exhale through the mouth but I have seen many variations.

Okay, lying down with eyes closed and relaxed, breathing deeply, imagine a ball of red light on the tail bone of your spine. This is the root Chakra. This Chakra center governs security and the grounding of ones energies. The sound for this Chakra is the note of C and it spins the slowest of all the others. The ball I imagine is about the size of a tennis ball and grows to be grapefruit to basketball size. I bring in a beam of red light and "feed" the ball of energy until it is glowing and spinning as well as growing in size. As the name root implies, this Chakra feeds energy to the rest of the system. It's like the root of a tree. I visualize a channel of light extending from the root chakra up to the next chakra.

The 2nd Chakra is associated with the ovaries in the female and the testes in the male. When you meditate on this Chakra it releases tension and develops sexuality and creativity. Let me add that you might find colors different from one method of Chakra balance to another; again, it's what you feel comfortable with. For me personally, it's easier to remember the colors in order, as you would see them in a rainbow, one color blending into another. I put a lot of emphasis on this particular Chakra to fill it with orange light and see it spinning and growing to send out healing energy to all my body. Again make a channel of light extending from the orange chakra to the next.

Some Chakra systems skip the spleen and the pancreas Chakra which sit like a bar bell on the lower spine, as opposed to the line of Chakras that go up the spine. The spleen and the pancreas Chakra are the only two Chakras that spin counter clockwise in the system. The spleen Chakra is the rejuvenation center as well as the healing center and it absorbs extra energy that we put out to others in a situation. Its color is a pumpkin orange and resonates in the note of D. The second half of the barbell sitting across the lower spine it the pancreas Chakra, to the right, also pumpkin orange in color. It helps us to maintain our physical nature in balance with our spiritual natures. So I see another channel of light going from the spleen Chakra over to the pancreas Chakra, filling it with light to grow in size and intensity. Some systems combine the spleen and the pancreas into 1. This Chakra is also pumpkin orange.

Another channel of light goes from the pancreas Chakra to the 4th Chakra, the solar plexus, located above the belly button and under the lungs. This Chakra is yellow and resonates in the note of E. This is where we carry anger, hostility, rage and issues that we feel threaten personal power, feelings of free will and ambition. This is a clearinghouse for emotions. Digestive problems come out of this Chakra. This is where all the gut feelings come from. If you feel something isn't right in the pit of your stomach, chances are your solar plexus Chakra is reacting. Fill this center with yellow light and see it glowing like a sun, spinning faster than the previous Chakras.

A channel of light goes from this Chakra to heart Chakra. It governs the heart, blood and circulatory system, and the physical sensation of touch; it has a strong influence on the endocrine and immune system. This is the Chakra where you fall in love. It deals with issues of the soul. This Chakra is the color green and resonates in the note of F. Again, fill it with green light, watch it spin faster and grow and feel the love.

A channel of light extends up to the throat area, the thyroid Chakra. This Chakra is blue in color and resonates in the note of G. Your voice becomes full, clear and deeper when this Chakra is in balance. Thinking & feeling become connected as this Chakra becomes aligned. Language & communication become more of an expression of innate spiritual maturity. Fill your throat Chakra, making the ball of blue energy spin faster and grow.

A channel of energy goes from the throat to the 3rd eye Chakra located in the center of our forehead. This Chakra is indigo in color (a mixture of blue and red) and resonates in the note of A. When in alignment, this Chakra develops the ability to think reality into existence; it helps develop the five senses and dissolves grief, and helps with nightmares.

This is the seed of the mind relating to power of thought. Idealism, imagination, intuition, and healing energy come out of this Chakra. Fill it with indigo light and watch it spin faster and grow.

The last channel of light goes from the 3rd eye up to the crown Chakra on the top of our head. This is the crown Chakra and its color is violet or pure white, the total of all the other colors in the system. This is the Energy Center of Divine Purpose & Destiny; the 'I AM I', the union with your own source - you are totally aware of your true self. This Chakra, when in alignment, makes you feel at one with the universe; Spiritual development is the essence of this Chakra. This is where body and spirit are fused; action and understanding become one; you are aligned with all the Chakras.

This is the experience of the self as part of the omnipresent pure being which contains all matter. After I fill this Chakra, I imagine a shower of light coming out the top of my head and making a fountain falling to my feet to be reabsorbed until the system makes a complete circuit of energy radiating throughout my physical and spiritual body. Another way to do a circuit with the chakras is to energize each chakra going from the base to the crown and then connecting it to each energy pool starting from the aural pool in your head down to the soul pool and on down.