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by ChezNips

Aim: to tag something with energy so you can recognize it at a later date.

Method: You need 2 marbles or cards to work with at first. You need 2 of some object as long as they are both the same shape. I used 2 different marbles.

Now you need to make up your own symbol that represents you. Sounds weird but I use the cursive combination of my initials as my symbol. It can be anything that has your energy "signature" in it. Now take the only 1 of the objects you have chosen and hold or put it in front of you.

Create a small but highly dense psi-ball and attach the ball to the object seeing the energy from the psi-ball envelope the object and totally saturating it, don't forget to put a shell on the psi-ball after doing this to lock the energy in. Now you are going to use your symbol you created and imagine it engraved or stamped into the energy of the object and you can even use your own color scheme.

That's the tag. Now you have to learn to recognize it. Get the other object and mix the 2 together. With your eyes closed, hold your hands slightly above the 2 objects to see if you can feel which has the energy tag. Pick up the object and look to see if you are correct.

Record how well you do and keep practicing to feel the energy tag. Start increasing the number of objects in the mix to practice with.