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by ChezNips

Empathy is sending and receiving emotions and since I find receiving easier, we will work on that first. Empathy work can be done on many things and not just the obvious. Of course people are the most obvious things but you can also use animals, plants and objects. Music can be worked with empathically as well. How many times do you put a song on that evokes an emotional response from you that you had not expected. Items can also be charged with emotions so they project that emotion when you wear or carry them.


Start out by creating a psi ball in front of you. The color is important. Give the ball a neutral color. If at all possible make it clear to start off with.

This psi-ball is going to be your empathy scanner. It is also important that you don't try to interpret anything you see yet. Keep your mind as blank as possible.

There are a few different approaches you can take depending on what it is you are trying to scan.

-people/animals/trees/objects: visualize the person/tree/animal and watch to see if the ball starts to turn a different color. Don't force the ball to change, just observe and if nothing happens after awhile, then try again later. Try to remember to balance and neutralize before doing this exercise. If you have any strong emotions before you start, it is best to try to fix them and become as neutral as possible.

-music: Try to visualize the music and I realize this is difficult for some that are not musicians. You can try seeing the notes flowing out of the speaker and thru the psi-ball. Wait for the psi-ball to change colors.

Okay, you want to know how this can be of use. Actually it's quite useful to assess the mood of people. You can figure out if it's a good time to ask a spouse something or a boss for a raise. On IRC, you can assess the mood of anyone you encounter and adjust your shields and actions accordingly.

Now once you have the color, you need to learn to interpret it. Please don't run and look up what each color means. One book may say red is anger and another will say love.

The psi-balls will turn a color according to your personal subconscious thoughts. So one person might see love as pink and another might see love as red but they are both love. You need to interpret it to how you feel about each color.


First work out what emotions you want to send. For example lets send calm, soothing relaxed feelings. Now what color to you represents this? When you have worked out what color this is to you, you are ready to move on. You might take a minute to write down several emotions and what color you feel they are for your reference later. Once you have done this, you can send the emotion in a number of ways.

-psi-ball: this is the easiest but it doesn't always work the best. Create the ball and make it turn into the color you decided on. Send it to the target and see the energy ball being absorbed into the target. I am assuming here that you have gotten permission if you plan on connecting.

-energy thread: Create an energy thread and have it extend from you to your target. See the thread sending colored energy from you to the target and when you feel you have sent enough you can stop and retract the thread.

-energy web: this method works best for me to use the energy threads to weave a blanket and to drape or surround the target with it. When you are sending emotions try to block out all thought except for that emotion and it helps to keep repeating it to yourself while doing this.