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First Steps
by ChezNips

If you are starting out in psi and very confused on where to begin, let me explain that psionics is a combination of tools to be used together to be successful. It's not going to be easy and it surely won't happen over night to most people. Most of the people I meet have been having psychic episodes on and off for a period of time but now want to learn to consciously control them. I started out this way as well. Let me say that doing things subconsciously can be frightening and exhilarating at times and then learning to consciously control them can present challenges and frustrations to challenge even the most patient of people.

I want to stress the importance of foundational knowledge, that is grounding, and centering especially. In our society as it is, we are bombarded by so many things that its very easily to get swept away with energy, and emotionally that we need some sort foundation as a reliable source to be stable in who we are, in this case as a basis for energy practices in learning our boundaries and limitations. This is a starting place in learning where we can grow from as well as where we can grow to. Learning to ground is as essential to our energy as a tree haging roots. The purpose of those roots are for nourishment exchange as well as stability, the same as it is with us. The greater stability we have with things like grounding and centering, the easier it is to recover when things go wrong and to eventually be able to handle situations with more grace and ease then we did in the past. We get to the point of a self-mastery and mature emotionally from where things used to bother us quickly to a place where we because detached and we no longer react or we change our behavior to react and cope in different ways.

With self-mastery comes the difficult job of learning who we are. Some guru's talk about this as the authentic self. No matter what it's called, its important to know our strengths and weaknesses and to use them accordingly. Being critical of the self is not what we are trying to achieve, but an honest self inventory for a starting place. You should have a good idea of what your triggers are, that is what sorts of things set you on an emotional avalanche. You will discover many more as you go but being aware of these things help you be able to take a step back to look at yourself, your thoughts and behavior. You should also have some idea in how you learn the best. Are you a visual person, an auditory or someone that learns by doing called kinesthetic learning.

Other things you will be learning are how to focus correctly. Trust me, this takes training as much as any other skill. You will be learning to use the focus in meditation as well as in directing energy throughout your body and then outside your body. You will learn to tune your "intuitive" self to allow more information to shift from the subconscious mind to the conscious mind. This is expanding the filters of your subconscious mind to learn to listen to a broader range of things. If the mind receives over 4 hundred billion bits of information a second and can only consciously process about 2 thousand of them due to a priority filtration process, we then learn to expand the priorities or change the priority list.

One of the most important things to learn is to ask questions. Read material, listen, digest and then make sure you understand. From there you can learn to think above and beyond what we teach you to learning your own techniques and what works best for you. Unfortunately, I have no way of teaching what I have learned so I end up adapting a style somehwat like Bruce Lee. He did not teach his students what he knew, it was impossible because we all process knowledge in a different way. Even if you have the exact experiences I have had, you will most likely come to a different conclusion. So don't take offense at this, just instead know that we are all different and think different and that you have every capability of achieving the success you want if you put as much into it as you expect out of it.