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Duotronic Shielding
by Paradox

It should be noted that the following is a log file taken from the Psi Palatium IRC Chat Channel. This class was run by Paradox and he was nice enough to allow us to post it on the Web.

Paradox-5: Duotronic Shielding 1.0 [ Module 2 - Basic ]
Paradox-5: The most basic form of shielding is a shield designed like a bubble, encompasing the person in it
Paradox-5: to protect the person using it, or anything its applied to. Nowdays
Paradox-5: there are more and more complex psionic weapons used by the masses.
Paradox-5: One that im sure we will be seeing in the next few years goes beyond the standard types of energy weapons, and will be able to
Paradox-5: lock onto one person's shield frequency that that person has, and neutralize it to reach whats inside.
Paradox-5: Basic bubble shielding is vulnerable to weakening from the normal background energy, and sometimes can form cracks that last a few minutes.
Paradox-5: A few minutes is all a perticularly well trained entity needs to get into you. So im going to teach you how to install what i call Duotronic Shielding.
Paradox-5: You need to do this some control over the energy you have, to alter the frequencies.
Paradox-5: Take your main shield, and imagine that there is ANOTHER bubble around that one, but here's the tricky part, you want it to have a different energy signature.
Paradox-5: If one of the weapons i described above were to hit you, it would take out the first shield, and the second will still be up. More time for you to react and pull up a ton more shielding.
Paradox-5: Also if theres a crack in the shield, the shield below is still intact, enhancing the shielding massively from the predominant single bubble shielding techniques.
Paradox-5: I hope that this was useful for all who read this.
Paradox-5: Paradox
* Paradox-5 hopes he didn't flood himself off
Rhyannon: lol i see you
RuneMage: layered sheilds
Paradox-5: Single shielding is the most common form of shielding
Paradox-5: yeah, exactly
Paradox-5: layered, but they have to be different frequency, or its just the same as having one big shield
RuneMage: so, give different intent to each layer in other words
Paradox-5: its only good to maybe 3 layers of different frequency shielding, after 3 if someones still going at it, they are going to find a more complex method of disabling it, and thats covered in another class
Paradox-5: yeah, that sounds about right
Paradox-5: any questions?
Rhyannon: how can you disguise your energy signature on the top one?
Paradox-5: when you have your shield up, can you feel just how the energy feels?
Rhyannon: yes
Paradox-5: when you put up the new one, try to imagine the shield feeling slightly different than the older one
Rhyannon: should we do that with the aura color preception too?
Paradox-5: hopefully, that will cause the new shield to have a different frequency, as the feel you get, is the frequency and energy type
Rhyannon: like faking the color of an energy sig.
Rhyannon: cool
Paradox-5: you can do that, but it only works so far, as the new shield will still have the base components of your natural energy
Paradox-5: you could fool someone, but once they get used to reading you, they might be able to see past it, but not get past it
Rhyannon: *nods*
Rhyannon: what shape on a shield do you think is best to use?
Paradox-5: a sphere is probably the best, because the energy will act alot like getting blasted by a fire hose, and it will cascade across the shield, rather than if it were flat, and it would take the brunt of it on that spot
Rhyannon: *nods* k
Rhyannon: would changing the freg then having the energy spin across the top shield be too difficult?
Rhyannon: like make it hard to lock on is the purpose i am thinking
Paradox-5: Thats acctualy a good question, the more complex shielding incorperates similar ideas, but it requires very fine control of the energy, and a good understanding of how it works on many levels
Rhyannon: can you have the top sheild's energy go to a outside energy source?
Paradox-5: i intend to teach that in another class, because going into how and why would take hours lol
Rhyannon: thanks para ;)
Rhyannon: lol para
Rhyannon: so like when your getting your defensive sheild up you can use all your energy and have that one fade out with the other energy source
Paradox-5: You mean the weapon energy cancels out the outer shield, while you concentrate on the inner shield?
Rhyannon: yes sorta
Rhyannon: sorry had a ops message to get
NRGman : that was informative
NRGman : reconnecting
Rhyannon: i mean like transfer the energy from me to another source so i can devote full attention to the new inside sheild defensive
Paradox-5: yes, thats a good advantage to the shielding, it can buy you extra time
Rhyannon: what kind of outside energy source can i use
Paradox-5: anything you want, just make sure that the energy goes through you, pulling up energy that hasn't been really well processed (raw power) will use very predictable energy patterns, and don't make good shields
Rhyannon: what if i set up some pools from my own energy to store
Rhyannon: just maintain them for whatever
Paradox-5: yes, that would work well
Rhyannon: will that corrupt it at all?
Rhyannon: cool
Paradox-5: if the energy has been processed, it will work fine
RuneMage: hrmmm
Rhyannon: how long would that energy in a pool last unattended too?
Paradox-5: depends in what form you left it, and where you left it
Rhyannon: say in a sphere in my room for easy grabbing
Rhyannon: still make a difference in corruption?
Paradox-5: if its a good dense collection, good clean energy and undisturbed, maybe a week, if you just do simple maintinence once a week it should be fine
Rhyannon: even better ;)
* RuneMage wonders if there woudl be a way to shunt the energy from an attack into reinforcing your shields
Paradox-5: if its not in your system its going to slowly degrade, but if you store it well it can last awhile
Paradox-5: RuneMage: thats a good idea, but there are some heavy risks, as you don't know if the energy could have been designed to be integrated into your shielding
Paradox-5: i could for instance...
Rhyannon: would an underground connection to the source to the top shield harm it? *thinking of hiding the connection so attacker doesnt see*
Paradox-5: if geni had a shield up that took incoming energy and converted it to power her shields..
RuneMage: if you neutralize it first though?
Paradox-5: i could send her a blast of energy thats encapsulated(meaning its got a outer layer, and inner layer) and she doesn't notice, she could absorb the outer layer, and the inner layer could be set to cause major damage from the inside out
Paradox-5: the time and energy to neutralize the attacking force would be so much that it wouldn't be very practical in combat
RuneMage: guess it would depend on how much practice you had in it
Rhyannon: did you see my question para?
Paradox-5: true, but you never know when someone might come along and will be better at it than you, then your out of luck
Paradox-5: yes rhy, sorry, got two questions at once lol
Rhyannon: lol k
RuneMage: thats why you'd use it as one of the layers
Paradox-5: that would work just fine rhy, underground is great, as long as the pool is contained, so it doesn't leak into the ground
Rhyannon: cool
Paradox-5: not that its bad for the enviroment or anything, it just sucks when you need it and its all leaked out lol
Rhyannon: rofl
Rhyannon: i guess it would
Rhyannon: be a nice lil boost of energy when recycling too
Rhyannon: well guys i cant think of anything else you might want to know
Paradox-5: yes, pooling is good for that, but there is one downside to pooling..
Rhyannon: ?
Paradox-5: how can you be sure that only you will use it?
trees: i have something to add, para, if i may?
Rhyannon: ah i see
Paradox-5: if im attacking, and i see a pool of energy, im going to want to suck that bugger dry lol
Paradox-5: sure, go ahead trees
trees: alright, here goes...
Rhyannon: well what about hiding it underground also?
trees: not only is it valuable to do as para suggests, consider these as well...
trees: make each layer a mirrored, refractive-type
trees: thats it
trees: so... it repels, reflects back, refracts, and disperses the incoming energy
Paradox-5: an excellent suggestion
trees: :)
Paradox-5: any other questions?
Rhyannon: well what about hiding it underground also?
Rhyannon: the pool
Paradox-5: ahh yes
Paradox-5: that works fine, but if they see it, they will probably go for it, or worse, try to contaminate it so you suck up bad energy
Rhyannon: hmmm
Paradox-5: when taking in energy from a pool, just watch it to make sure its still good
Rhyannon: k so i will think of more ideas and ask you in privvy lol
Rhyannon: hehehe
Paradox-5: kind of like putting a carton of milk in the fridge
RuneMage: hrmm
Rhyannon: eek
Paradox-5: smell it before you drink it lol
RuneMage: what about an offensive shield?
Rhyannon: ewwwwwh
Paradox-5: shields should be strictly defensive in my opinion, you don't want to provoke anything further
Paradox-5: the best plan really in a fight psionicaly, is to only use what force is nessiary to stop the fight, if you can't get away
RuneMage: passive aggressive I mean
Paradox-5: the idea is not to kick the other entity's #*@$& but to simply stop fighting
RuneMage: and not activated untill you are under attack
trees: you know... shields are defensive
trees: there is also this... the best shield is one that is NOT noticed. aka... makes you either invisible or not worth notice
RuneMage: I don't know trees, i've had a little bit of luck with an offensive shielding technique
trees: if youre not worth noticing... they wont even BOTHER
Paradox-5: also theres a very rare, but i've heard it happen, where a entity might try to contact you in a way you might interpret as offensive, and you don't want to risk making a pot shot at it and ticking it off
Paradox-5: exactly
Paradox-5: it all goes back to the main rule about psionic fighting, if you can avoid it, AVOID IT
RuneMage: well yeah
RuneMage: I agree there
RuneMage: but in a situation where the attack is clearly not mistaken
RuneMage: something that is persistant
RuneMage: kinda make like a porcupine
Paradox-5: i should make a class on psionic combat defensive tactics lol
Tremellan: trees- But what if you can't help but be noticed?
Tremellan: No matter what you do?
Paradox-5: if you have something that just won't go away, if you have a weapon, and know how to use it in a *mature* way, then use it with *due force*, don't put it into the shields, make it seperate from the defensive systems
RuneMage: not aggressive in the fact that it attacks without being touched
RuneMage: but in such a way that the actual attack is what causes the injury to the attacker
RuneMage: kinda like mirrored shields
Paradox-5: think of weapons as nukes, you fire one at your neighbor, they are going to fire one back
RuneMage: reflecting the attack back
Svenove: a combat defencive class would be interesting
Paradox-5: reflecting is ok
NRGman : i would like to see one
Paradox-5: thats one of the few defensive systems that could be used offensively that is ok
JIM-E: i have to admit ppl mirrored sheilds are my prefered method
Paradox-5: it MUST be passive
RuneMage: the one method I've seen
RuneMage: its as I said, like being a porcupine
Paradox-5: with the mirror, only what they send would they get back at them
Paradox-5: don't add anything
RuneMage: coating the outside of the sheild in prickly bits
Paradox-5: well, prickly bits wouldn't help much, as most attacks are not ramming into the shield
RuneMage: the couple attacks i've experienced were
RuneMage: guess I just had attackers that didn't have much finess
Paradox-5: yeah, its not very effective to ram
Paradox-5: think of it as trying to get into a room by headbutting the door, not pretty
JIM-E: my attacker came from a magickal background
Rhyannon: i will have copies of the class afterwards.... just fyi for late comers
JIM-E: he liked his summoned stuff
Paradox-5: you can customize your shield with prickly bits if you get that alot, in my opinion unless your getting rammed all the time, leave em off
* RuneMage will just stick to his nice lil Bindarunar
RuneMage: I don't usually
RuneMage: i usually alter the shield to suit the circumstances
* Paradox-5 nods
Paradox-5: any other questions?
Rhyannon: back
Rhyannon: not that i can think of at the moment
Rhyannon: thanks for the class too ;)
Paradox-5: no problem, hope you all enjoyed this
Rhyannon: i certainly did ;)
RuneMage: was informative