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Layer Modification
by Zeus

This modification of the defensive shield allows a person to, in theory, have more than one shield active and protecting at one time. It is not necessary to have a multi-layerd shield, but under certain psi stressful periods it is recommended to prevent a total shield collapse. The main problem with having a multi-layered shield is that most people are unable to feed more than one shield level at a time. To "skirt" around this common problem Pure Energy has devised a Three-Tiered Shield that works wonderfully for most individuals.
To create the Three-Tier Shield begin first with the outer layer. This layer is a defensive shield with an Attraction Modification for Universal Energy. The Universal Energy attracted to this outer shield layer can be left to feed that shield, and in doing so the shield should maintain itself for a short time without any other help from you. The second layer is another defensive shield inside of the one you have just set up. This shield can be set to have an Outer Mirror Modification in case energy is able to penetrate your outer shield layer. The inner most layer of your shield is a simple bubble shield with an Inner Mirror Modification to it to help in recycling your energies. This type of layer shield should stand up to all but the most grueling of psi stresses.