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Reflecting/Mirror Shield
by Zeus

A reflective, or mirror shield is one that adds some concepts to the defensive shield to allow it to "bounce" energies back to their origin. There are two classes to this type of shield: inner mirror, and outer mirror.
Inner mirror shields bounce a person’s radiated energies back to them. This technique is useful for protecting those that do not have good shielding from being effected by your energy. Inner mirroring also helps to mask your energies and aura from outside perception. And inner mirroring gives an opportunity to recycle and reuse your energy by intaking your own bounced energy which lessens the need to intake from the Universal.
Outer mirror shields are used to reflect energies away from you and back at their source. This allows those that may be under attack to deflect most of the energy back to the attacker without undue strain. A word of caution here: If the other person also has an outer mirror shield set up then you can end up hurting yourself further by bouncing the same energy back and forth.
Refracting shields do not reflect energy directly back to their source, but instead deflect the energies in a differenet direction. They are useful when you do not want to send energy directly back to the original person/thing that radiated them.
To create reflective/refractive shielding you must modify your defensive shield. Through visualization change either the inner, or outer surfaces of your shield to reflect/refract energy that encounters it. To achieve accuracy and efficiency with this technique requires a very specific visualization goal.
The use of this modification creates more stress on the shield and requires more energy to upkeep. On average to maintain this modification takes 30% more energy under normal circumstances, but requires less energy to upkeep under heavy stress than a normal absorbing defensive shield.