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Defensive Shield
by Zeus

The defensive shield is a modification of the bubble shield that is designed to handle large amounts of stress and to reuse energies in order to keep it sustained longer under stress (ie. Attack). The defensive shield’s main purpose is to stop all foreign energy from reaching you. The shield does this by absorbing the energy it intercepts and neutralizing it (for this reason the shield is also referred to as an Absorbing Shield). This neutralizing of the outside energy renders it no threat to you, but in doing this it uses energy from your shield. So, although the defensive shield may reuse its energy it must also be constantly fed new energy to keep it from collapsing. Because a defensive shield must be constantly fed large amounts of energy it is not advised that a person have one around them continuously.
To create a defensive shield move energy to encircle your waist and create internal energy pathways from your head to your waist, and from both feet to your waist. To begin the shield first create a normal shield. From this bubble shield modify it so the main source of energy feeding your shield is the energy encircling your waist. Visualize the energy from your waist flowing out to feed your shield. This also cuts your shield into an upper and lower section, so your entire shield will not fall at once. Finally allow the energy at your poles (head and feet) to flow into the energy pathways already in place and then to be fed back to your shield via your waist. This creates a constantly moving field of energy and so if there are any weak spots they are not in the same place very long.
When this shield runs out of energy, unlike the normal shield, it will fail almost immediately.