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Complete Colour Reference
by Zeus


Red is the most forcible of colors, with a constantly active urge. It does not necessarily denote a headstrong nature, despite such phrases as "seeing red," for it may be cold and calculating as well as vigorous. People who like red are stalwart and their bravery is often evidenced. But if badly goaded, they may become vengeful. Analysts are therefore apt to regard this as a fiery color whereas it actually represents virility, so flair-ups by persons with this preference may result from normal experiences. Being challengers, they frequently have encounters with persons who are just as determined as themselves. Red includes such traits as passion, drive, endurance, boldness and other qualities that lead to joy of life and love of adventure. Add to that the fact that the vibratory influence of red, like that of other colors, may run from he extremes of the utter physical to that of the sheer mental. You will then realize how rarely all the red elements are embodied in one personality.
Corresponding Characteristics:
First Ray/1st Chakra: Red
Qualities: Power, Will, Courage, Leadership, Self-reliance
Type: Soldier, Explorer, Ruler, Statesman, Leader
Greatest Good: Power, Strength
Greatest Evil: Weakness, Surrender
Quest & Driving Impulse: To conquer, To attain, To find ultimate reality, Often seen at best in adversity
Highest Attainment: Outer -- Victory, Inner -- Omnipotence, Exhilaration of power, Dominion over nature and outer self, One will - effortless
Method of Achievement: Concentration of will force, Overpower, Destroy, Discipline of subordinates
Weapon: Bludgeon
Teaching Method: Drive home truth, Exhile, Leave pupil to stand alone
Weakness: Tyranny. Self-will, Pride, Contempt, Selfishness, Rigidity, Thirst for power, Extravagance, Individualism
Sources of Suffering: Defeat, Degradation, Displacement, Humiliation, Subordination, Exile
Art: Dancing, The Creator of Dances
Jewel: Diamond
So from a psychic standpoint, red has all of the significant meanings that are relevant to the conscious and subconscious awareness of our nature because it is a life-giving ray. Some interpret it as the energy of the other God. It also is associated astrologically with the planet Mars, the God of War. In meditation, you will see red with your mind's eye but it has a tranquillity in it's transparentness. Feeling will bring focus to the meaning of the color that you sense or feel with someone else.


Orange is a color of high aspiration. People with that vibration are proud and self-sufficient, yet by direct manner and approach they impress other people stronger. The drive of red is found in the orange aura, but it is high-minded and usually restrained or deficient on the sensual side, its one aim being ambition. That handicaps the orange nature, for it shows a lack of warmth. The orange temperament is social because it wants success. So orange folk go out of their way to gain popularity, which may cause people to mistrust them. Orange rides over opposition, however, through sheer exuberance and inventive ability. Orange people get what they want, and if conceited, they are also contented. Whatever their course, they justify it in their own minds, which gives them confidence, but often narrows their outlook. With orange as your color, you must learn to recognize your own limitations. You must realize that intelligence and logic are not the only things that count in life. To make people like you, first you should like them.
Corresponding Characteristics
Orange: 2nd Ray/2nd Chakra
Qualities: Universal love, Wisdom, Insight, Intuition, Philanthropy, Sense of oneness, Spiritual sympathy, Cooperativeness
Type: The sage, Healer, Teacher, Reformer and lover of fellow man
Greatest Good: Wisdom & Love
Greatest Evil: Hate
Quest & Driving Impulse: To save, To illuminate, To teach, To share, To serve, To heal
Highest Attainment: Outer -- Full and unkroken realization of unity, Imparting wisdom. Inner -- Omniscience, Continual expansion of experience of unity
Method of Achievement: Intuitive insight, Self-illumination, To win over, Negotiate, Turn other cheek
Weapon: Wrestling hold
Teaching Method: Share knowledge, Illumine from within, Bestow happiness
Weakness: Sentimentality, Sensuality, Impracticality, Unwise self-sacrifice for others, Accentuate life and neglect form
Sources of Suffering: Heartbreak, Loneliness, Isolation, Exclusion, Broken faith, Coldness, Disloyalty, Misjudgment
Art: Music, The harmonizing and preserving art
Jewel: Sapphire


Yellow is a much maligned color that actually deserves the highest rating, but only as a strong, full-bodied hue. Where orange leans to intelligence, yellow shows intellectuality. It is the color of the sun and Oriental mystics use it to dispel evil, as the sun's rays banish the dark. In more practical terms, yellow denotes the scientific mind that overcomes ignorance. Yellow also denotes artistry. As your color, yellow gives you wisdom and marks you as creative, but to what degree is the question. Many persons admit that the yellow which appeals to them is not the golden glow, but a paler, duller shade. With such a yellow, wisdom is restrained by caution. This shows a retiring nature, given to wishful thinking, too timid to take the risks that would lead to success. Vivid yellow, in contrast, shows the person who will take a chance with confidence and win. Dull yellow marks a selfish individual, too introspective to make the most of opportunity. Yellow-brown is worst, literally both muddy and muddly. If such a color appeals to you, it is time to think in better shades of your favorite color, yellow.
Corresponding Characteristics
Yellow: 3rd Ray/3rd Chakra
Qualities: Creative ideation, Comprehension, Understanding, Penetrative and interpretive mental power. Adaptability, Tact, Dignity, Impartiality
Type: Philosopher, Scholar, Ambassador, Diplomat, Organizer, Strategist, Chess player, Astrologer, Judge
Greatest Good: Understanding
Greatest Evil: Mental Blindness
Quest & Driving Impulse: Creative activity, To understand
Highest Attainment: Outer -- Truth, Genius due to overflow of contemplation, Inner -- Omnipresence, Comprehension of Truth
Method of Achievement: Prolonged sequential thinking, Right understanding brings right activity
Weapons: Strategy, Trap, Net
Teaching Method: Explain principle, Impartiality, Adaptation of method to individual need
Weakness: Indecision, Intrigue, Seeing too many sides, Coldness, Aloofness, Cruelty, Deliberate deceit, Cunning, Failure to support in a crisis
Sources of Suffering: Indignity, Proven incompetent, Darkness
Art: Literature, Poetry (mental music), Oratory
Jewel: Emerald


Green is the great color of nature and those who emanate that aura are not only adaptable to circumstances, but are generally both sympathetic and sentimental. Those factors are perhaps their greatest weakness. They are fond of companionship and therefore inclined to take life too easily. If they don't succeed as they should, they sometimes blame everybody and everything except themselves. As the diametric opposite of red, green is slow to anger and restrained of action. People with this vibration are as firm, as immutable as nature itself. Their power grows slowly but formidable, and there is no way of repressing their friendly but determined spirit. They are conformists, but in their own way. Once they feel that they are right, nothing can force them to change their opinions. If green is your color, you may be a bit "green" at times, but people will like you all the better. Just don't fritter away idly, as this calm color vibration is apt to let you do. Seek action, because you should be capable of it. However, the shade of your aura may have some bearing there. With greens, shades make the difference, more so perhaps than with any other color. Various other hues could be mentioned, but the general rule will suffice. Toward yellow, green becomes unstable; toward blue, it turns overly smart. Find the balance point and focus your vibration there is green is your favorite color.
Corresponding Characteristics
Green: 4th Ray/4th Chakra
Qualities: Stability, Harmony, Balance, Beauty, Rhythm
Type: Artist, Mediator, Link, Interpreter
Greatest Good: Beauty
Greatest Evil: Ugliness
Quest & Driving Impulse: To Beautify
Highest Attainment: Outer -- Harmony, Balance, Perfect portrayal, Inner -- Perception of beauty
Method of Achievement: Dramatize, By beauty's appeal, Physical perfection
Weapon: Enchantment, Allurement
Teaching Method: Dramatize, Illustrate, Elevate by beauty and rhythmic language
Weakness: Alternation, Moods of exaltation and despair, Sensuousness, Posing, Self-conceit, Self-indulgence, Improvidence
Sources of Suffering: Frustration, Failure to express perfectly
Art: Opera, Synthesis
Jewel: Jasper


Blue is a powerful vibratory influence, living up to the expression of "true blue" and at the same time going far beyond such scope. It is a color that mixes sensitivity with fervor, so eager to do right that it may take the wrong way to that purpose. The sky is blue, but it varies from the light hue of azure to the near-black of midnight. Thus do the moods of the blue vibration vary. Not only that, it is difficult to find a person whose blue aura maintains a constant shade. It may descend to the depths of the "blues" and then rise to the inspired heights that come "once in a blue moon." So with blue, you should try to find your most suitable hue and hold it. Generally speaking, all blue shows some measure of devotion. You make friends readily, but often in a formal way. Blue is a cold color, with a certain self-sufficiency, but persons with this aura recognize the value of cooperative effort and therefore exert it. Where red responds to warm, primitive urges, and green absorbs the vitality of nature, blue turns to the sky and sea for inspiration. In seeking higher, deeper things, blue has become the predominate color in modern life. In business, social and educational circles, blue far exceeds red as a motivating color, making blue the favorite color of many thinking persons. Mixtures with other colors disturb the steadfast trend of blue. A leaning to black or brown shows morbid or selfish inclinations. A strong tinge of gray creates uncertainty and even fear. A leaning to green, found in some shades of turquoise, shows an impetuous trend.
Corresponding Characteristics
Blue: 5th Ray/5th Chakra
Qualities: Analytical and logical mentality, Accuracy, Patience
Type: Mathematician, Scientist, Lawyer, Alchemist
Greatest Good: Truth, Knowledge, Fact
Greatest Evil: Untruth, Ignorance, Mis-statement
Quest & Driving Impulse: To discover, Thirst for knowledge
Highest Attainment: Outer -- Knowledge, Inner --Exhiliration of mental mastery
Method of Achievement: Think, Seek, Search, Probe, Experiment, Research
Weapons: Auger, Scientific method
Teaching Method: Elucidate, Charts, Diagrams, Details, Develop accuracy
Weakness: Self-centeredness, Smallness of vision, Lack of sense of time, Pride, Miserliness, Break ideals, Cunning, Criticism, One track mind, Coldness, Meanness, Curiosity
Sources of Suffering: Scorn, Fully proven wrong, Mental defeat
Art: Painting
Jewel: Topaz


Indigo is a borderline color with a purplish tinge. It has the basic qualities of blue, but leans less to devotion and more to affection, finding outlets for their ideals by helping other people. Moodiness is more apt to grip such persons than those who favor lighter hues. Indigo is also a spiritual energy. There's not that much known about the vibration of indigo because it is so vast in feeling. Corresponding Characteristics
Indigo: 6th Ray/6th Chakra
Qualities: One-pointedness, Ardour, Fiery enthusiasm, Devotion, Sacrificial love, Loyalty
Type: Saint, Mystic, Devotee, Martyr, Evangelist, Server, Loyal friend
Greatest Good: Unity and the cause, Loyalty, Fidelity
Greatest Evil: Separativeness, Individualism, Disloyalty
Quest & Driving Impulse: To serve and adore, To worship the cause
Highest Attainment: Outer -- Self-sacrifice, Inner -- Thrill of adoration, Martyrdom, Service, Friendship
Method of Achievement: One-pointed
Weapons: Berserk, An irritable spiritual force
Teaching Method: Evokes hero-worship, Inspire, Enfire
Weakness: Over-emotion, Impulsiveness, Narrowness, Intolerance, Fanaticism, Ignore or despise the intellect, Sensuality
Sources of Suffering: Crashed Heaven, Disloyalty of those loved and trusted, Melancholy, To be misunderstood and misjudged
Art: Architecture (frozen music)
Jewel: Ruby


Purple is a color of grandeur and importance, often too strongly so. Its very richness seems to sway persons with this aura, and many people shy away from it as a favorite color, perhaps for that very reason. Like blue, this color has high ideals, but purple is given more to ritual than to devotion. Its self-esteem is so pronounced that people tuned to this vibration try to influence others accordingly. Sometimes that works out, but often the purple vanity proves its own undoing. Usually, persons who favor purple are unaware of their own faults, as they habitually avoid criticism. They turn their idealism into a form of perfectionism, living in their own world of illusion, often to their own full satisfaction. With purple, the term "out of sight, out of mind" applies to anything they do not like. Purple, as a result, is a soothing, harmonious color, with its meditative side. People with the purple aura often have literary, artistic or dramatic ability and they are highly imaginative and creative. This increases their self-satisfaction, for once aware of their genius, they are apt to flaunt it. But they are by no means self-effacing; the term "shrinking violet" refers strictly to the flower, not the color. Fewer persons emanate this aura than any other, but that is all the more reason why purple folk regard themselves as different, if not unique. Often they have a yearning for the mystic, for theirs is the hue of twilight, denoting the transition from day to darkness. Turning fantasy into reality is a common purple practice.
Corresponding Characteristics
Qualities: Grace, Precision, Ordered beauty, Chivalry, Skill, Dignity, Noble bearing, Attention to detail, Splendor
Type: Priest, Ceremonialist, Ritualist, Magician, Pageant-master, Knight, Politician, Producer
Greatest Good: Order
Greatest Evil: Disorder
Quest & Driving Impulse: To harness, To synthesize, To make manifest
Highest Attainment: Outer -- Ordered splendor, Inner -- Exhiliration of perfect focus from Atma to Physical
Method of Achievement: Ordered synthesis
Weapon: Rapier
Teaching Method: Dramatize, Sacred language
Weakness: Formalism, Love of power and office, Playing politics, Using people, Extravagance, Plausibility, Regimentation
Sources of Suffering: Humiliation, Loss of outer power, Frustration, Discourtesy, Rudeness, Adverse criticism by a lesser one
Art: Sculpture
Jewel: Amethyst

People function off of three chakras as well as 3 colors all the time.
NOTE: This list includes all shades of colour available. Gold would fit in with yellow, and ruby with red, etc…..