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Quick Colour Reference
by Zeus

RED leadership, determination, passion, energy, power
ORANGE happy, courageous, wisdom, intuition
YELLOW enthusiastic, playful, optimistic, tactful, dignity
GREEN growth, abundance, vitality, harmony, balance, beauty
TURQUOISE refreshing, cool, imaginative, balance, patience
AQUA motivated, active, dynamic, trustworthy
LIGHT BLUE peaceful, sincere, affectionate, intuitive
BLUE tranquil, intuitive, trustworthy, accuracy, patience
INDIGO knowledge, power, integrity, devotion, loyalty
PURPLE spiritual, passionate, visionary, dignity, noble bearing, leader
GOLD illumination, wisdom, tactful, dignity, power
PINK friendly, compassionate, faithful, love
LAVENDER romance, imagination, fantasy, dignity
MAGENTA outrageous, imaginative, innovative
BROWN stability, earthy, reliable
SILVER neutrality, wisdom, dignity, trustworthy, power
BLACK uncaring, egotistical, selfish, disease