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Energy Review
by Zeus

What is energy? Where does it come from? How is it used in Psi? All of these are questions that should be addressed when deciding on both the path one takes through psi and the techniques that will be used. Energy is everything. That statement even encompasses what science thinks as energy (electromagnetic, electrical, gravitational) to be of a smaller universal form of energy. All things are made of the same energy, but in differently ordered patterns and travelling at differing speeds. The biggest difference between you and the chair you sit in is that your energy is ordered slightly differently than the energy that is the chair. If this weren't the case you would be a chair too and you wouldn't be reading this. So, energy is the building block .. the key essential piece that makes up everything else, and in doing so binds all things together. This common underlying energy bond is what makes psi possible. If everything weren't connected through their common energy bond than the mind would not be able to affect other energy.
Energy comes from both within and outside of us. The origins of energy I will not hazard a guess at since the speculation is too great, but what we do know is that there are different energies (categorized) internal to our bodies. Science has shown there to be an actual central energy (soul) a driving force of energy behind our life processes. This energy is centralized in the body's trunk. A person's central, or soul energy is used exclusively by the body to run everyday life processes (to keep you alive). In this process soul energy is consumed until there is no longer enough to fire the furnace of life and the body dies as a result. The remaining soul energy is released to the universal and may either stay concentrated in a "spirit" form, or dissipate to mingle and join with other energy (the latter being more common). The other internal energy is aural energy.
Aural energy is centred in the head and is radiated energy. It is the energy given off by the life processes like exhaust by a car. But , aural energy is not useless .. far from it .. aural energy is the kind that we harness in order to perform psi. Normally excess amounts of aural (exhaust) energy is radiated from the body forming an aura of energy streaking away from the body, but if this energy is instead focused into a different task then we can harness it and not waste it.
Aural energy is also the only one that is able to leave the body (soul energy is internal only), and so creating external psi events is critical to using aural energy. This all means that central/soul energy is used exclusively by the body to sustain life and that the waste energy (aural energy) is used by us to create psi events. How exactly though is aural energy used in psi? Almost all paths through psi have very similar techniques for actually performing psychism and so these are not the problem to learn. What takes time is getting to a point where you have enough energy internalized to create psi events yourself. The aural energy pool expands naturally as a person uses more and more energy from it. Intaking to it also helps to replenish any energy you may have used up. Usually the process of accomplishing psi is: centre - intake - psi event - ground. This process allows for the maximum amount of energy and connectivity while creating psi goals. Energy interacts with other energy in order to create your psi outcome. This interaction of energies is exactly how energy is used during psi. Without this specific energy interaction and the underlying connection of everything being energy psi would not be possible.

** Please keep in mind that the above is an explanation of energy as it relates to Pure Energy Psi only and may not reflect other paths through psi