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Energy Interaction and Intent Erosion
by Zeus

To fully understand psi is to truly see why each interaction that happens in existence is important. Every thread of energy that exists whether it be created, modified or destroyed must on some level interact with other energies. (An energy thread in this case refers to any piece of energy that has intent. Science says energy can not be created or destroyed only changed into different forms. This is what is referred to when threads are said to be created, or terminated, their energy is simply stopped, focused elsewhere, or the intent behind them ceases.) A psychic, or magickian must see, feel, taste, or in some way sense the existence. Detailed analysis of exactly what is happening at what point is not needed as long as there is knowledge of the generalities of interaction.
As an example: Creating a healing intent with energy to remotely heal a person.
As the energy thread is first created from you with intent it passes through your aura and picks up some aspects of whatever energy you are radiating at the time. The thread must then wind it's way through existence where it interacts with other threads of intent and areas of non-intent charged energy. When it finally reaches the other person it must go through their aura and begin its original intent. The main problem with all of this interaction is that it erodes the intent and power of the thread, so it may have started strongly, but gone unnoticed when it reached the target. So, is that it or are there ways to keep the strength of the original intent? Actually there are several different methods, three of which we'll discuss here.
The first method is the easiest, and most common and brings us back to seeing the interactions of threads. If an intent is created to send another person healing energies then allowing the thread to pass, or interact with negative, or hurtful energy will erode the intent. The way around this is to, through visualization, steer the energy thread around or away from interactions with eroding forces on its way to the target. This creates longer sweeping energy threads, but because there is less erosion interaction the intent when it reaches the target is much stronger. With this method it is expected that 70-80% of the intent stays intact as opposed to the 10-30% without steering the thread.
The second most common method of holding onto original intent is to shield the thread from interactions. This is an intent driven visualization, but takes a great deal of energy needed to keep from draining yourself. The shield works a lot like the plastic around electrical wires. With the plastic on there is little danger with your interaction with the wires, but with the plastic shielding off the wire interactions become increasingly hazardous.
The third method to send energy without as much interaction is to create an actual connection with someone. In this manner the connection is the piece that interacts while the energy sent along it is left almost totally alone. Remember that connecting with anything is different than sending threads as connections require consent before proceeding; however it is considered proper etiquette to ask and receive permission before sending energy threads to anyone.
In the long run seeing the interactions of energy can increase the efficiency of your psi, and reduce the worries that for some reason your psi intents aren't working. Please remember to keep the energy balances as level as possible in your techniques to reduce non-intent pools of charged energy in existence.