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Identification by Energy
by Zeus

This often, but not always, holds true to technique for identifying those people that are non-learned, naturally gifted, and learned psychics.
Everyone has an aura. The aura is thrown off from the body and so frames it in energy (a glow, or halo). This aura is normally just a soft glow of energy that surrounds the body to a maximum of a few inches. A person with such an aura is more than likely someone that has not tapped into their psychic self. A psychic aura is usually much stronger and more vibrant than a non-psychic’s and tends to extend farther from the body.
A give away that someone is psychic are shields. This does not count the wispy subconscious shields, but refers to conscious bubble, or defensive shielding. A person with a shield is learned enough in psi to have visualized the intent.
There is one problem with this method of identification and that is in psychic’s that are many times stronger than yourself. Strong psychics that mask themselves will render their energy almost invisible to you. In these cases you must feel for the amount of energy they give off, like a pressure, since most masks do not cover the ability to touch with psi. The other option would be to use your sense of smell in psi. A person with a lot of energy being given off will carry the psychic smell of energy/power with them. There are ways to mask for these, but it is uncommon to do so.
This technique does not constitute an invasion of privacy since it is like looking at a person physically. It can be done without permission as long as no psychic, or physical connection is made with the other person. Remember to obtain permission if you are going to connect in any way with a person since scanning, or connecting without permission, is in poor taste.