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Auras and Living Flow
by Zeus

All living things radiate energy during everyday activities.
Plants, as well as animals use energy, and so they too have auras.
Internal Energy is used to create thought, motion, and a whole host of other necessary biological processes. Not all of the energy is consumed, and thus some is radiated outwards. This outward "spray" is what gives living things their auras. Auras can be any colour, and any distance from the living being, but usually do not extend further than 80cm (3ft) from the body. Auras may change their colour from day to day, hour to hour, or minute to minute. This is mainly caused by the actions of the individual radiating the energy. If someone is healing another person their aura may tinge green, or blue to reflect this. If the person becomes angered their aura may tinge red, and so on, and so forth. Please keep in mind the above are colours as I relate to them, and will not always match your interpretations.
To see an aura the easiest way to start out is to look at a mirror reflection of yourself, and then slowly look just to the right, or left of your reflection. When you are centred, and grounded correctly you will see faint colours in the air surrounding your body. The colours may appear as faint colourings of the air, ribbons, or true vibrant colours. Any combination of these will be your aura. As you get good at this you will be able to work this technique with other living things, and eventually be able to see auras without concentration.
Get to know your colours, and knowing another person's aura can help you figure out their mood, or character without having to ask! It saves a lot of heart ache.
Natural flow of energy, in the body, is clockwise. All energy that flows throughout your body moves in a circular path centred around your midsection. If your energy flow is blocked then you are likely to get sick in that area, or have damaged that area of your body in some manner. The natural cylce duration depends how far away from the centre you are. Close to the centre the cycle may take only seconds, while out at the furthest points of the body the cycle may take as long as 10 minutes. A person's energy cycle also slows down with age, so a toddler's cycle will be much faster than a senior citizen's.