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Energy Threads
by Zeus

Because of the nature of existence all energy is interconnected. Energy eventually comes together at a central point in existence producing a commonality within all energy. (Incidentally this central joining of all energy is Pure Energy's equivalent to a/the God(s)) Although all energy has common factors it is split and categorized to make it easier to understand.
There are three main types of energy threads associated with our plane and existence. They are: Power, Knowledge, and Truth. Each thread corresponds to and starts from a vertex of the Power Triangle and of our plane of existence. The energy threads are wound throughout our plane and existence and connect everything. Every living being is connected directly to one of the three energy threads and can be referred to as being "On such and such a thread." All non-living things are surrounded by Universal Energy, but are created or made from one of the three threads and so can also be referred to as being associated with a thread.
A person's association with an energy thread governs greatly what their natural abilities will be and what their natural ability cap will be. A person associated with the Truth thread is more likely to be a natural healer. Someone associated with the Knowledge thread is more likely to be a natural empath and clairvoyant. Those associated with the Power thread are likely to be natural telepaths and have a higher natural ability to manipulate energies.
Where a person/object is located on the thread is directly related to that person's energy level. The closer to the vertex of the Triangle a person is on the thread the more energy they are able to internalize and use. A person that is low on the thread will not be able to focus enough energy on a task to achieve tk whereas as person high on a thread will have enough energy to achieve almost anything. Association with being high on a thread is usually given to those considered masters.

Note: Universal Energy is everywhere in existence and is one of the three thread types. When intaking energy it is usually beneficial, but not necessary, to intake from a thread of your associated type.