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by Zeus

**Article by Forg** Scanning is a rather general term. The “technique” itself is rather that of multiple facets. Scanning entails searching an area or being for any given thing. I will go over a basic technique for scanning a person from any distance or any location and slightly more difficult versions in order to get more detailed information.


To be simplistic about it, scanning is a matter of linking up to your target, be that person or place, and being able to perceive the target to get the desired information. So initially to create the connection I would recommend extending your energy out to the target via use of name, photo, phone number, or other such things that may be personal to that person. Something personal that will be laced with that person or places an energy signature.

An energy signature is different for each person/area. It is basically like and energy fingerprint of the person. This is found in objects they use or words they type due to intent they use toward those things. The signature, being personal, is what you will link to and that is linked to the person, thus creating your connection to them. In order to extend your energy to that person you could use visualizations of a chain of energy coming from you; or you can picture that object, or the person/places name and feel yourself moving out to that point or extending there. This connection can be made over most any distance on the planet. The medium, which used to create or send it through doesn’t make a difference either, but he longer the connection, the more energy necessary to create it. The difficulty of connecting to someone across the globe is little different then to connection to someone on the other side of the house.

Now that your connection has been made, your intent is to be expressed. You should focus your mind on what you are looking for or what you are looking at. As though you were looking around the room normally or perhaps an object. This is also similar to telepathic techniques, so they are referred to, in which you are “scanning” the object at hand for particular color or shape. It’s at this point where, if you don’t get a good mental visual or are just unsure, you ask questions of your subconscious. Ask yourself in the back of your mind a simple question (“What color is it?” or “Is it blue”, etc). What you feel is correct will be the answer, or if you are simply answered with a yes or no. Each person is different in this respect and what shall be returned from the subconscious or how is determined only by that person. Just as how you attain the information, by seeing or asking, is person specific.

After scanning, always remember to close the connection, either by imagining your cutting it or simply by filtering. Connections left open can bring in unwanted things from the target such as feelings, possibly parasites, or other such things may occur. So unless you are prepared for what is to come from the other end, close the connection.

More Specific Scanning

This section is applicable to those who practiced the first section to a point of ease.

Scanning can be used to find more specific details than the more simple tasks covered before. These tasks separate scanning into categories: Physical scans, which involve the scanning for a persons physical traits such as eye color or what their face may look like; energy body scans, which are scans of a persons energy self; time look scans (which will not be covered in this article). It is not limited to just these, but these are the types that shall be addressed.

Physical scans aren’t much different from a normal scan except that the focus is on the person’s physical traits. I recommend braking down what you are looking for. Start with eye color, by focusing on it as you would normally. Then by asking yourself or from actual site you achieve your answer. From here, move on to hair color, then to face shape, and other specifics. Then try to put it all together and focus on a scan of the large picture. The previous information will make it much easier to then see the whole picture. If difficulty persists, simplify it further. If it’s easy, look at larger parts at a time.

Energy body scans are a scan of a person’s energy. It is literally the placement and flow of a person’s energy. It is typical that this is what is seen when initially scanning a person. If you don’t get this upon scanning a person then focus on their energy, focus on finding and seeing it inside of them. This scan is particularly useful. Once you have become used to scanning to find the energy body then you can be more specific with it. Shift your focus along the energy body like you would move a telescope. Think to yourself on where you would like to go, focus on going there, thus moving your focus. It’s just like focusing on your hand and moving your energy in or out of it. Envision your energy going to where you would like your sight to go. This isn’t necessary if a good visual can’t be produced. The same process of questioning as said earlier can find the specific factors. The energy body, also containing energy flow, can have blockages. They tend to appear as dark spots on the energy body, this can be caused by a number of things. Similarly, constructs or other energy may be seen around it. This can be identified by focusing on them as you would an object or person. Then questioning its construction, the way stated previously. There are many other facets to the energy body that will not be covered in this article.

Important Note:
These are just examples of what can be accomplished as ability increases and is not limited to this. I can’t stress this enough. This is a basic overview of what you can do to achieve this and you should create your own technique. The best techniques are the ones that fit your needs, in other words, the best technique for me isn’t necessarily the best for you. So this can be used as a starting block for your own design, or, if it works, stick with what you are doing. Just as well, your morals behind it are your own; keep in mind that this should only be done with permission of the person being scanned. It’s just like peeking through someone’s window, you act in a way where the person may not be aware of you and you invade his or her privacy. I leave that up to you. But be warned if you are to encounter an unhappy person who discovers what has occurred.