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The Total Self
by Zeus

Astral projections, projections and out of body experiences all occur outside, or beyond the physical body. Yet each of these psi happenings still deal with a portion of the self. As has been stated in psi the physical body is only half of a person' total self, the other half being the non-physical, or energy self. Psi is a combinational use of the expanded, or total self incorporating techniques to accomplish things not possible on a solely physical level.
Beyond the physical lies only energy without quantitative limits which means anything the physical imagination can dream of can be accomplished using energy and understanding that lies beyond the physical self. Since every person has both physical and non-physical selves each person is capable of psychic acts. The difference between active psychics and latent psychics (those without obvious psychic ability) is that active psychics have bridged to and use at least a portion of their energy self. The bridging to an expanded state of being is what makes a person psychic.
Most people fail in opening, or tapping into their psychic potential, because they are unable to comprehend the non-physical aspects of their own self. These people remain latent psychics because of the shortcomings of the understanding available to their physical brain. Fortunately there is a way to skirt the shortcomings of the physical characteristics of the physical to tap into the energy self and become an active psychic.
Pure Energy Psi tend to shy away from spiritual and religious explanations of psi to help people understand easier, but it actually goes even further to show physical links and characteristics of the non-physical. The physical being, or self is the body. Everything within a person's actual body is considered part of the physical self, including the energy contained within it. The skin acts as a container to keep every part of the physical self concentrated in one place. And taking the leap that everything is energy that makes the physical body a concentration of energy. The non-physical too is a concentration of energy. It is not wrapped in a physical skin, but does have limits to how far it goes, so if a person thinks physically there is an outer most energy keeping the non-physical self concentrated. The main difference between the two concentrations, aside from the physical and non-physical aspect, is that the shape of the non-physical self can be changed into whatever is needed.
The physical self is controlled by the brain and the non-physical by the mind. The mind and brain have roughly the same tasks in the two selves, but perform in different ways. The physical body is restricted to one place within a specific time, very concrete physical limitations. The brain understands these limits instinctively and does the best it can within them. The mind does not understand physical limitations. When something is needed of the non-physical it is where and when it needs to be instinctively and the non-physical concentration of the self will work on the set task. The two selves can actually, and do most times, work independently of eachother. In order to create psychic outcomes in the physicality of reality a person must make the two halves of their self work together.
The Psi Control Centre (PCC) of the brain and the creation of the energy self within the phsycial body are the ways to create and bridge to self unity. The Psi Control Centre acts as a phsycial controller of the non-physical mind. It actually controls the concentration self through the physicality of the brain, but a psychic must remember not to apply the instinctive rules of physicality on the PCC, or they do the same on the non-physical self and negate the usefulness of their concentration to create psi outcomes.
Visualization is actually the act of passing information to the non-physical self to have it manifest in reality. It is no more than passing a set of instructions to the non-physical self so that it may carry them out. The reason visualization must be done in the PCC is because the PCC acts as a courier service to send them along. All related psychic information the PCC receives and passes to the brain actually comes as interpretations from the non-physical self. All psi is the combinational use of the two halves of the complete self.
Many psychics will speak of a spiritual connection to the other side, or of talking to their spiritual guide. What they are unknowingly doing is really nothing more than creating a bridge and using their total self. They are actually connecting from their physical self to their non-physical self and nothing more. Anyone can do this since everyone has a physical and non-physical side making each and every person psychic. The two halves of the self working together is yet another key to psi.