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Interpretation Accuracy
by Zeus

The biggest problem people have in psi is understanding and interpreting messages their abilities give to them. One of the most contributing factors to this is the lack of any help, or guidance since the interpretation of messages is purely personal and varies from person to person. There are some ways to help understand what information is being given to you and how to interpret it; however most are difficult to do, so in this section we'll go a more unconventional route.
A psychic learning to interpret extrasensory communications must create a daily journal to help understand their personal interpretations. Begin every day by recording feelings about what you will encounter during the course of the day with as much detail as your abilities can muster. Before going to sleep at night review the day's log and see how many psychic interpretations were correct. Record how many entries were exact, but also look through to see how many were close (same thing wrong colour etc.). As you create your log each day you will begin to slowly understand and interpret your psychic perception with greater accuracy. As you become more accurate in understanding what is good information and what is bad information and exactly how you interpret information you can become more comfortable with expanding the interpretation of received information into other areas of your life. This entire procedure should take about a month.
After a psychic is comfortable with interpreting for themselves they can begin to interpret for others in the same manner. It should be noted that some interpretations will be different when coming from someone else and so you should practice reading for several different people in order to gain an understanding of the changes in interpretations.
It does take some time to fully understand how you personally interpret information from your psychic gifts, but after you understand and accurately grasp the knowledge given you can be that much more confident in your psi.