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Psi Missing
by Zeus

A common occurrence when performing psi is what is referred to as psi missing. This is a perception inconsistency that only happens in psi. There are two categories of psi missing: directional and time.
Psi mirroring is the name given to the directional form of psi missing. It happens most often in empathy, healing and remote viewing and is when what is perceived is a mirror image of the actual. For example, in empathy if you feel a person’s right shoulder hurts and it is actually their left shoulder then you have seen a mirror image of that person. Just because you were incorrect in the side doesn’t mean what you felt was wrong, just that it was flipped. The easiest way to correct psi mirroring is to always be aware of how you are perceiving reality, as in which direction. If you’re facing something dead on with psychic sight, like your normal vision, then you are most likely fine and do not need to worry about mirroring. If someone is facing you then what you perceive will more than likely be mirrored. It takes a little practice to understand your directional perception in reality and psi, but once you grasp it your accuracy will be greatly improved and you won’t be as confused by a physical, or psychic change in position.
Psi missing, when used in a phrase, usually refers to a time miss rather than directional missing (psi mirroring). This is most likely to occur with micro telekinesis, or telepathy where the perceived occurrence is one out/away from the actual. The most common time missing is where what is perceived is farther into the future than what you are aiming to perceive. For instance if you were trying to perceive which card would appear next and you consistently choose not the next card, but the one after that then you are psi missing one card into the future and should adjust for that. With time psi missing only practice will help get the timing right. Many repetitions are usually needed for a strong grasp on exactly how far in advance to perceive with each mindset.
Neither form of psi missing is something you have to be stuck with. They will diminish and disappear with enough concentrated practice, and don’t worry it is very common in both beginners and advanced psi users.