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Truth and Knowledge
by MegaManSE

Learning any technique consciously in psi is one thing but realizing the truth of it is something completely different. When you realize the truth of something though, as it compliments the conscious knowledge it automatically creates the power to DO it (See the Power triangle under Universal Energy for details). Take telekinesis for example. Most people fail to do telekinesis not because they don’t consciously know it can be done or THEORETICALLY how to do it, they fail to deeply realize the TRUTH of telekinesis, and so can never realize the POWER to achieve it. When you realize the truth of something, that’s the 'AHA!' or the infamous lightbulb over the head moment. What helps me to eventually realize the truth of something is a lot of meditation and contemplation on the specific subject I wish to accomplish and all the things that go along with it, like why, how etc.