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Creating Intents
by Zeus

Intents are funny little things. They are simply thought strung out to perform some function with the mind. But, intents cannot be generic to accomplish a goal. If one wishes to have abundance in their life and makes an intent for abundance they will receive it. Unfortunately, if a person asks only for abundance it could be interpreted in several ways. If that person has a lot of bills the energy may interpret that they want more bills and so provide an abundance of bills to that person. That is definately NOT the abundance that a person was looking for, or needs. In order to create a favourable outcome a person must create SPECIFIC intents.
When an intent is for a specific person it should begin with their name and it does help to add in son, or daughter of so-and-so. Next should come exactly what is being sought. Following should come the timing when this intent should occur (specific dates and times are best). At the tail end of the intent one should put in a magickal reference such as "harming none including me so let it be." Personally I use, "harming none including me, Aiyaroma all is decreed." (something I picked up a long time ago). A person may end the intent however they feel comfortable, as long as it ends in some form of magickal intent creation as stated.
So, why the magickal intent at the tail end? Well, technically the psychic is using only psychism to create what they want until the intent is released. Once the intent is sent from the body it is really using Universal Energy to create the desired outcome. This use of UE is magick. Whenever an intent is set forth it is a combination of psychism (internal) and magick (universal) which makes the intent fall, at least for Pure Energy, into the category of Hybrid Psi.
Whenever a person creates a specific intent they are using magick in some form and must acknowledge that in their intent, so they do not upset the balance of the Universal. Understanding the complex workings of energy takes time, but seeing how each intent interacts to create the desired outcome is one way to understand the differences in psychism and magick. With this example it can be seen that psychism and magick are linked much more closely than most people think which is why Psi (an umbrella term) is used to describe psychism and magick often. The links between the two blur and combine so much that even when one thinks they are doing psychism they are using magick and vice versa.
Psi is natural and most people don't realize the differences in energy and techniques they use to have a desired outcome. But it is important to understand, so that an intent can be as specific as possible to create the correct outcome.
There is a problem with specific outcomes though. In general any intent up to about 50 words takes only ten minutes longer to manifest than a general intent. After the 50 word mark though the time to the outcome increases exponentially towards infinity. So, keep the intent short but precise and what is desired will become reality.
Each psychic comes into their magick through intent, and each magickian comes into their psychism the same way. Build upon them and better yourself.