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Optimum Psi Mindset
by Zeus

Producing psi outcomes comes from the body and mind of the psychic. The problem is that a psychic is not in peak energy, or in the best frame of mind to produce a psi outcome all of the time. Not even a Pure Energy Master is able to produce the strongest outcome all of the time. Like a sports athlete that competes a psychic has good days where they are able to do first place outcomes and days where nothing goes as it is supposed to. The peak of a psychic's ability comes at a time called Optimum Psi Mindset (OPM). The psi mindset is simply the energy level and frame of mind needed to produce a successful psychic outcome.
A psychic can learn to identify the level of their psi mindset easily and in turn gauge how accurate, or good an outcome will be. To do this a psychic must identify how they feel whenever a technique is successful. When a psychic understands how their psi mindset feels it is much simpler for them to revisit the feeling whenever they have need of a successful outcome. It isn't a guaranty that a psychic will always be able to reach their optimum psi mindset, but at least they can have an idea based on their feelings.
Optimum psi mindset is a clarity of thought where all things in the psychic's given area become as one where there is no distinction between thought, energy and time. It is a calm where a true neutralization allows the psychic to see the beauty that is the combination of thought, energy and time. Optimum psi mindset is tranquility with one's self, with reality, and with existence as a whole. Absolute neutrality is the point from which a psychic flows with energy and creates their strongest outcomes.
To gain psi mindset a psychic must let go of all internal emotional turmoil. They must deal with all matters that charge internal energy and take the psychic away from centre and balance. Once internal calm is achieved a psychic must also have calm in their external environment. The calm of external environments is not quiet, but rather a point where the psychic is not affected by what is happening around them. If a psychic achieves personal calm then they may achieve the absolute strongest optimum psi mindset possible and their psi outcomes will be truly awe inspiring.