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Psi Mindset
by MegaManSE

Your brain is not your consciousness, it is merely the interpreter of your energy patterns that come from your soul energy which is your true mind.
Everything you see is energy; everything IS energy (E=MC2 should read E=M because C2 is there just to make the units convert correctly).
Your physical eyes are constructed to naturally see only a small fraction of the EM spectrum that gets reflected by matter's slowest forms (those in the solid and liquid states) and emitted by certain EM sources like stars. Therefore, your brain also acts as a sending device to your soul energy. But your soul energy is part of the universal energy of everything; it just has its own distinct pattern and life force. There are 3 parts to your "self": your physical body, your spirit (aural energy) and your soul energy. Your spirit energy radiates around you to about 3 feet (this is your aura).
You perform telekinesis all the time: everytime your mind acts to move any part of your body, you are performing TK, just in a more inadvertent way; through the brain. Then TK deals with making the intended object part of your "self" or an extension of you. Even gravity is energy (although conventional science has yet to pinpoint its basic form). The energy of gravity has a charge of which conventional matter is attracted to; this is why they have weight. Because everything is energy, there is only change (travel falls under change); time does not exist. It just makes things easier on humans, to be able to measure change according to equal increments of universal change.
What are you seeing when you see a table; what do you think you feel when you touch it? Do you think the atoms in your hand are sliding past the atoms in the table? Well this is a popular misconception. In reality the only thing keeping you from putting your hand completely through the table is the electromagnetism generated by the "atoms" of the table. I am using the term atoms loosely because in reality they don’t exist; scientists use the word atom to describe an orderly system of energy that is basically just nothingness and a tiny bit of nuclear energy in a certain pattern that breaks down into infinitely smaller parts. So in reality, there IS only electromagnetism (and some other forces like gravity that make up a small part of the universe). But odds are, gravity itself is also EM in another form thus alluding back to the Pure Energy Existence. Keep this in mind the next time you go outside and walk on the grass, grab a can of soda or look at the clouds outside on a sunny day. Visualize and realize now that you ARE this energy too; you are a part of everything, everywhere, everywhen. And because you are conscious, you hold the key to manipulation of this energy.