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Pure Energy Voice - PEV
by Zeus

If you've ever expressed the wish to have psi abilities to a psychic it is more than likely that you would've been greeted by the answer, "Everyone has ability they just need to develop it." More than likely you were like me and did not give this automatic answer much consideration. Before I found Pure Energy it was next to impossible to open myself up to be able to explore, much less use, my hidden talents.
The Pure Energy Voice refers to an "imaginary" voice inside your head much like your conscience, or moral voice. The difference with the Pure Energy Voice is that it, like the rest of your abilities, is centred in the Psi Control Centre of your brain. Your Pure Energy Voice is often difficult to locate, but once you know what it feels, and sounds like it is easy to listen for it time, and again.
Your Pure Energy Voice is often weaker than all of your other thoughts, so it is uaually a good idea to be somewhere quiet, and to be relaxed when trying to listen. This is why many psychics will put themselves in a trance-like state, or meditate while listening. I find neither of these necessary; however they may work for you. Once you are relaxed travel back in your mind to your Psi Control Centre. When you have reached it you are ready to listen.
Often with my students, when they reach this stage, I will sit with them and ask them what colour, type of car, or vegetable I am thinking of. I would strongly suggest at this point that you find a friend to work with. The reason you need another person to work with you is that your Pure Energy Voice is your natural empathic, and telepathic voice (as well as clairvoyant).
Finding another person's colour demonstrates empathy, and sending a thought to someone, that is not trained, demonstrates telepathy. Don't be discouraged if you don't get every single thought correct. It takes time, and practice to find your voice every time. Chance dictates you should be able to guess correctly 25 to 30% of the time. If you are able to score consistently above that then you have indeed found your Pure Energy Voice. Remember that no person is 100% accurate all the time. Even the best empaths/telepaths usually score between 85 and 95%.