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Psi Control Centre - PCC (PVA)
by Zeus

An individual’s psi abilities manifest through the movement of thought into visualization, which creates intents. The intent is the base point of each ability and relates every detail into a successful psi outcome. However what isn’t always obvious is where, when, or how to truly control the creation of the psi visualization.

In order to create outcomes that are beyond question in origin a person must identify where each visualization needs to be created. PCC Location Pure Energy Psi identifies the location of manifestation as the Psi Control Centre as this area of the brain spear-heads each ability. The Psi Control Centre, or PCC is located in the back right-hand section of the brain. Should a psychic wish to physically locate the PCC they may do so by putting the base of their right hand just behind their right ear and then wrap their fingers around the back of their head. Locating the PCC simply makes it easier to identify which area of the head should experience the most intense energies during manifestation.

Every time a psychic moves thought through visualization to create an intent or upkeeps a creation of psi they utilize the Psi Control Centre. Besides energy the PCC is the only other absolutely necessary piece to active and successful psi outcomes. No matter if the psychic feels the energy manipulation or not during the use of psi abilities they are using their PCC. The use of the PCC is most often an unconscious choice; however through practice a psychic may consciously move energy into the PCC for intent conception. Gaining conscious control over the PCC offers a psychic much greater control over their abilities as they are then able to decide exactly when an intent is to be formed. This conscious control ensures that no outcomes will be intented due to stray thoughts or emotional outbursts. Abilities that are within a psychic’s control are much more useful than those that aren’t, so a psychic should strive to understand how the intent process works.

Though the PCC appears differently to each person in its format and layout its use is always the same, control over all psi abilities. In order to utilize the intent creation of the PCC the psychic must move the necessary energy to manifest a successful outcome into their PCC and then follow the energy with the visualization. The psychic may choose to employ either an outside-in, or an inside-out methodology when using conscious PCC control. With an outside-in concept the psychic reacts as themselves and moves energy around their body as normal. This is the most widely used control concept, but it does not allow for the most accuracy. If accuracy is paramount than the psychic should choose to use their PCC through the inside-out method. With the inside-out concept the psychic travels into their own mind and into their PCC. Once in their PCC the psychic consciously directs the creation of the intent from inside their own brain. During unconscious control the body roughly simulates the outside-in scheme so accuracy can be limited should conscious control not be gained.

What the PCC appears to look like, or feels like during ability use is quite personal and varies widely from person to person which makes it very difficult to identify common aspects. Generally speaking though during use the PCC area will tingle with energy and it will ache should the psychic utilize energy continuously beyond their limits. Overall the Psi Control Centre is a concept that should be learned and understood if only because it is the birthplace of personal psi abilities.